WaltonChase was founded by traders who have years of experience in their trading career. The philosophy of this broker is to put clients first while delivering high-quality service. What came to my attention is the claim that WaltonChase always wants to improve service quality, to adapt to the needs of clients. That said, this broker is ready to make constant changes and improvements to make clients satisfied and that is something I always appreciate. Clients should always come first but unfortunately with some brokers that’s not the case.

So, let’s see if WaltonChase really puts traders on the top and adapt everything according to them. And what is the best way to see that? Well, just one look at trading conditions and account types will tell us a lot.

If you are in doubt whether you should open an account at WaltonChase or not, let me tell you there are four different options. You can choose according to your preferences, but my advice is to find an account that is suitable for your experience. If you are a beginner, a Silver Account would be the perfect selection since you have to deposit the least. The minimum requirement is 10,000 EUR and you will get leverage up to 1:300, senior account manager, risk management planning, and private analyst sessions.

If you believe that this won’t satisfy your trading appetite, there is a Gold Account where you have to deposit 50,000 EUR. With this account, you will get gold spreads, a fast withdrawal process, leverage up to 1:400, and special venture promotions alongside all those things form Silver Account.

The next offer WaltonChase has is Platinum Account. Of course, all those things I previously mentioned are included, but as an addition, you get platinum spreads, priority withdrawal process, leverage up to 1:500, financial planning, access to lucrative VIP events, and arbitrage trading.

Lastly, we have the invitation-only account, VIP. Withdrawals are immediate with this one and you receive exclusive leverage. Aside from that, if you choose a VIP account you will be able to enjoy every possibility this broker offers. From special promotions to excellent education and webinars.

When I take a look at all those trading conditions, I can say this WaltonChase review is going into an excellent direction. This broker provided great terms for each account and every person can find a suitable option here.

Quality of service

Remember how WaltonChase promised to deliver world-class service at the beginning? It’s time to see whether that promise is a true statement or just a way to attract new clients. The first thing each trader needs is a responsive website. Nobody has time to waste on a page that won’t load, and I can tell you right away, this broker made sure to provide the website that works flawlessly.

Everything is neat, simple and you won’t have interruptions. Also, it is mobile-friendly so you can trade from every device. On top of the website, you will find the main menu and the first thing on that menu is the Trading Platform.

It is a web-trading platform with an excellent design, suitable for beginners. So, even if you are using it for the first time, I am certain you won’t need any help.

It is divided into three parts. The part on the left has a menu with details like deposit, closed position, account settings, support, etc. The one in the middle contains all tradable assets, so you can choose Stocks, Indices, Crypto Pairs, Commodities, Currencies. The third part is on the right and it will appear once you click on the desired asset. A chart with all information will appear and you will be able to see leverage, trading hours, maximum trade size, maintenance margin, etc.

What I like the most is the fact that everything is explained in the Frequently Asked Questions page, so if you run into any problem, seek an answer there. FAQ Page is in the Education Center and that’s another thing this broker provides. Honestly, I would be disappointed in the quality of service if there weren’t any educational material on the website.

This is an extremely important part and WaltonChase did an excellent job. There are eBooks (from beginners strategies to advanced ones), Asset Index, and Glossary. Everything is explained and you can learn a lot. It is evident that people who stand behind the whole story are professional traders.

The only thing I can say about service quality is that WaltonChase fulfilled its promise and offered extraordinary service.

Speed of response

Until now, we have already seen that WaltonChase provides excellent conditions and services. But there is one more thing that is crucial for every business — responsive customer support. First of all, each broker needs to provide different contact methods. With WaltonChase you get four different options and that is great. There is an online form that you can fill in. Simply add a message and select the department. I was excited to see that you can choose whom to address the message since that speeds the whole process. Your question will go directly to customer support, trading platform assistance, general feedback, or compliance and some of their representatives will be able to answer immediately.

The next option is to call one of two phone lines (Australia or the United Kingdom) and talk to their customer representatives. Working hours are Monday to Friday 08:00 – 12:00 GMT. Although support doesn’t work 24 hours, I don’t mind that since there are three other methods, and someone will always be there to help you.

The last option is my personal favorite, Live Chat. To see how responsive service really is, I sent a message there. One of the agents answered soon after and provided me with all the necessary information. I have to say my experience with customer service was positive and can always add additional plus when someone has polite and educated employees.

Transaction speed

When it comes to deposits, they are instant. As soon as you choose a method and transfer funds to your trading account, they will be there. Things are a little bit different for withdrawals. The process lasts from seven to ten days and although it seems like a lot of time, it’s not.

There is one step that prolongs the whole thing for a little bit and that is Identity Verification. You need to provide certain documents and send them for a review. All of this is a part of the safety process and I cannot complain about the waiting time in that case, since it means that the funds of each client are safe. As you can see, frauds are not welcome at WaltonChase.

The last thing that has an impact on transaction speed is account type. Depending on an account, you will have prioritised withdrawals. With Silver, you need to wait up to ten business days while other accounts have different levels of prioritization.


Speaking of commissions, you won’t have to worry about them a lot. This broker is fully transparent, so you can familiarize yourself with fees and charges before you decide to open an account.

There is a withdrawal fee, but it is just one percent (minimum is 30 EUR/USD/GBP) and it will be charged automatically with each withdrawal you make. Aside from that, there is a Dormant Account fee that you pay if you do not make any transaction within a period of 30 days in a row. This fee is 250 EUR/USD/GBP and if you have transactions regularly, you won’t be charged.

An excellent thing I want to emphasize in this WaltonChase review is that you can go to Terms and Conditions, find the section called Service Fees and Charges and you will see everything explained in-depth. So, no hidden fees and negative surprises with this broker.


Regulation can be a tricky thing. Oftentimes we seek it and forget everything else. WaltonChase is not a regulated broker but it can offer you many more things than others with a license. So, if you are worried about regulation, don’t be.

With this broker funds are safe, and you can trade with a peace of mind.

Variety of payment methods

You may deposit or withdraw funds with credit card payment, a bank transfer, or a virtual currency transfer. The only requirement is to make withdrawals with the same method you used for the deposit.

If you use several credit cards for deposits, the equal amount will be transferred back to each of them. Due to safety measurements, each additional profit can be withdrawn through bank transfers.

As you could already see in this WaltonChase review, this is a broker that deserves your trust. I believe that each client is treated more than well and there is nothing better than knowing your time is respected and valued. So, as long as I am concerned, this is a safe place to open an account.