TradInvestor is a broker that is dedicated to delivering superior services in CFD and Forex trading. Client’s satisfaction is in the first place here and the major goal is to gain the loyalty of each person that registers. I like the way this broker thinks, but until I see every segment of its business, I cannot tell whether it’s a good one or a scam.

Quality of service

High-quality service includes a lot of things such as trading conditions, platform, education, etc. Each of these segments has to be on a decent level in order to have proper service. So, let’s see if TradInvestor provides all of that.

The only platform you can use is online one. It is optimised, which is excellent, but there are some missing features and the design is not the best one. I truly hope this broker will work on that in the future.

When it comes to trading conditions, they look good. Clients can choose between four accounts and the minimum deposit is 2,500 EUR. Of course, with each account come different things like higher leverage, free webinars, better percent of a margin loan, and higher trade amounts.

tradInvestor review

The last part of service quality in this TradInvestor Review would be education. I will be short this time — educational material could be much better. You can choose the category that interests you (Forex or Crypto) and find different articles but once you start to research you will realise those are just basic explanations like What is Trading, What is Bitcoin, and other similar definitions.

Speed of response

My impression of service quality was excellent until I saw how responsive this broker is. The support team works 24 hours, 5 days a week and I don’t mind that. What troubles me are methods for contact. There is an email and online form, that’s it. When you look at the phone number, the only thing written is +44 XXX XXXXXXX and I fail to understand why anyone would hide a phone number.

If we consider all the errors in typing on the Contact Us page, the only conclusion I can make is that this part is written just to fill in empty space on the website and not to actually help clients.

tradInvestor review

Transaction speed

Transaction speed is not something this broker can be proud of. At the first glance, it looks good (two to five business days), but in reality, it’s not. TradInvestor needs those two to five business days to proceed with your request (security procedures are not included here, and the process is longer due to them). 

But once they proceed with a request, it takes three to five business days to process it. After that, you have to wait additional five business days to see the money on your account (or more if you are using the Credit/Debit Card method, since that depends on your provider).

So, overall waiting time takes approximately 15 business days, but it could be longer due to security reasons.


Each payment method comes with different commissions. For Wire Transfer, you have to pay 50 USD/GBP/EUR, for eWallet payments that commission is 25 USD/GBP/EUR, and for Credit Cards it is 25 USD/GBP/EUR plus the processing fee of 10 USD (5 GBP or 7 EUR). 

But there is a tricky thing. All those fees are applicable to the minimum withdrawal amount (100 USD/GBP/EUR for Credit Card, 500 USD/GBP/EUR for Wire Transfer, and 100 USD/GBP/EUR for eWallet). If you want to withdraw more, you will have to pay more. How much? That’s the main problem, it’s not specified.

Aside from that, this broker can charge you 20% of the disputed amount penalty fee if you do anything that is against the Terms and Conditions. So, if you open an account you gave a right to this broker to charge you this fee whenever, without prior notice.


This is a broker without a license. Sometimes that’s not a problem at all, but in this specific case, it is. As you already know, TradInvestor can charge you fees whenever, and you cannot complain to anyone. This means that your funds are not completely safe, and I don’t see why anyone would register and trade knowing the level of risk.

Variety of payment methods

As a payment method, you can use Wire Transfer, Credit/Debit Cards, or eWallet. The selection is not bad at all, but keep in mind that the fees are different so you should choose according to that. The method you selected for deposit needs to be the one you use to withdraw funds.

The variety of payment methods is good but that cannot compensate for the missing license and questionable terms this broker has. So, if you want my advice, find a better place for trading.

tradInvestor review