With Trade The Bit, you will get power, speed and flexibility on demand. This broker provided an innovative trading platform that contains some analytical tools and together with constant support, they plan to offer excellent services to every person who opens an account here. From the moment we opened the website and saw the modern design, we got interested in Trade The Bit and that’s exactly why we spend a lot of time trying to find out whether or not this broker deserves your attention.


Quality of Service

If you want to make any success in the Forex industry, you will have to constantly improve your knowledge. There are multiple ways to do that, but the most convenient one is to find a broker that will provide proper education. But to be able to use that education and skills you gained, you need good trading conditions and a reliable platform. So, today we will see if Trade The Bit managed to offer all of that to its clients. If the answer is positive, we will have one excellent broker.

We decided to start this part with accounts and familiarize you a little bit with the offer. There are four different accounts and all of them are for different levels of experience. The Basic account has a deposit requirement of 250 EUR and it will provide you with the most important things you need for trading, but you cannot count on many benefits if you choose this account. On the other hand, Silver and Gold accounts have excellent conditions and in that case, you will get a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, lucrative spreads, trade room analysis, financial planning and many other things. Lastly, there is a Platinum account with a minimum deposit requirement of 100,000. Although this requirement is much higher than with other accounts, trading conditions that you get as a Platinum member cannot be compared to any other. You will have complete access to trade room analysis, webinars, level one prioritized withdrawal, access to lucrative VIP events, etc. So, depending on what you aim to achieve as a trader, you should choose the account.


Now that we know how good trading conditions are, if you open an account here, the trading platform will be one of the most important sections for you. So, why don’t we see everything that is offered at Trade The Bit? So, this is a web-based solution and you don’t have to download a single thing. We checked and it works on every device, so that’s not something that should worry you. The design is simple, it doesn’t require a lot of effort even if you do not have previous experience. Everything that is necessary is located there and even if you want to check the account, you will be able to do it without leaving the trading platform page. We have to say one thing, the most interesting part for us was customisation. This is not the most important thing you need here, but it’s an excellent addition and the best way to show clients how much you want to provide custom-tailored service. Everything that you see on that platform can be rearranged. You can change the chart type, interval, tradable asset list and so on. Once you do that, you will create a unique solution that will fit your taste perfectly.

Lastly, we will talk about education to see if Trade The Bit can offer you enough learning material to improve your skills and knowledge. In the main menu, you will find an education centre that contains different eBooks and Glossary. This part is completely free and every person who visits this website can access it. So, if you are just scrolling through their website, make sure to spend some time there, you can learn a lot. Of course, this is not what you will get if you decide to open an account at Trade The Bit. This broker has different webinars and personalised education that is reserved for clients only. Depending on your level of experience and the account you choose, you will have weekly, monthly or complete access to all those learning materials.

Speed of Response

Trade The Bit showed impeccable service so far and truth to be told, we expect nothing less from customer support. At first glance, it looks great. There are four different options provided and you can choose between Live Chat, phone line, email and online form.

From our experience, it really doesn’t matter which method you are going to choose because this broker provides responsive support and either way, you will get a fast reply. So, simply choose the most convenient option for you. To us, that would be Live Chat and that’s why we sent a message there, to see the responsiveness.

We can tell that the answer was immediate and it was full of the necessary information. We had no need to ask additional questions although the agent was polite and asked us multiple times if everything was clear. So, if you need some help you can count on support, someone will be there to help you solve any issue that might occur.


Transaction Speed

Transaction speed will depend on the account you choose. Well, not everything, since deposits are instant either way, but we are talking about withdrawals. Each account has a different prioritization level, therefore you won’t wait the same time if you choose Basic and if you choose Platinum account. The waiting time is seven to ten business days, and there is also one other thing that has an impact on that period — Identity Verification. Before each withdrawal, you will have to send some documents that prove it’s really you behind that account. If you do that immediately, the whole process will be much faster and you can proceed with the request.


With Trade The Bit, you will have to pay certain fees, as with any other broker. But there is one difference, here you will find the complete list on the website and the best thing of all, that list is not long at all. There is a withdrawal fee of just 1% as well as a dormant account fee, but you will have to pay for that one only if you do not use your account in 30 consecutive days, otherwise, it’s not applicable. As you can see, this broker is more than correct when it comes to these things and if you want to find out more, simply visit the Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation Policy page.


If the lack of regulation worries you, we have one thing to say — leave your worries aside. There is no reason to doubt Trade The Bit because this broker implemented every security step there is. So, your money is safe and secure here.


Variety of Payment Options

If you choose to open an account at Trade The Bit after this review, you should know that there are three possible methods to deposit money. The first one is Credit Card, the second is Bank Wire and the third is Bitcoin Transfer. Since deposits are instant always, you can choose any method you find the most suitable.