How is market capitalization important? This is one of the most evident telling signs of a company’s success on the market, as well as its size. Basically, it shows the potential clients how beneficial it would be to trade with its stocks. The biggest market capitalization is usually tied to big names such as Apple or Facebook. However, the great thing about the ever-evolving trading market is the fact that everyone has a fair shot at becoming number one. This is true for both companies and clients.

Market capitalization basically shows you how much of an influence does a company have on the market. Based on that, you as an independent trader can build a strategy that would be beneficial for your finances and trading future. Market cap, as it is often referred to in short, is affected by many things both on the market and in the broader financial landscape. This includes anything, from the political situation surrounding certain assets to the latest fiscal and monetary policies of the central banks. So, there was no surprise when we stumbled upon the company called TopMarketCap. Namely, this broker company acknowledges the market capitalization as an important factor in trading and shows you how you can implement it into your winning trading game plan. Let’s check out what else is important to learn about this company in this TopMarketCap review.

Quality of Service

When you really think about it, there is so much that comes into this package. The quality of service of a certain company depends on its sector of the industry, of course. So, what is important for a trading company to have great service quality?

The first thing that you will most likely use with great frequency is the trading platform, of course. So, what is the TopMarketCap trading platform like? The first thing you should know about it is that it is based on its own proprietary software, which really speaks volumes. If you do your research just like we did, you will learn that the web-based solutions such as this one are a lot more beneficial for both pirates – the trading companies and their clients. Namely, when a trading platform is based on a company’s software, it takes away a lot of uncertainty. Also, it loads much easier than it would if it was picked out from a bunch of other, similar software-based platforms.


Security is another important factor that you should always consider and be driven by when you are choosing the perfect trading company for you. Namely, there is a situation of rising cybercrime and cyber terrorism cases out there, and the trading environment is also affected by it. This is very unfortunate since everyone is equally affected by it. The industry’s reputation also suffers because of it, since the clients look at all of it as one and the same. So, it is particularly difficult for trading companies such as TopMarketCap to prove themselves as being different and reliable. The first step towards this goal is to create a highly functioning platform that you can trust with your money.

Speed of Response

There seems to be a lot of ways to reach out to the customer support representatives of TopMarketCap. Their ‘Contact Us’ speaks about the details of it all. Aside from this page, you can also try redirecting your attention to the Frequently Asked Questions page. This is suitable for go-getters and people who generally don’t like to go through the entire process of calling or sending questions to a company, not knowing when the reply will come.

However, this is not something that TopMarketCap’s team seems to have problems with. Regardless of the communication source which you use, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that agents are able to get back to you quite quickly. The live chat option is usually the first thing that the clients notice and like to use since you will receive an instant response through it. Then, the telephone number works great as well, but it is only reserved for clients from certain countries. Lastly, the e-mail option and the online form work quite similarly, and you can expect a reply within a single business day.

Transaction Speed

The transaction speed is one of the most telling signs of the trading company’s efficiency. Naturally, the clients would expect all their transactions to be processed instantly, because what is the point of waiting, anyway? However, there is a lot that goes into processing each one of these requests, which is what you should keep in mind, especially if you get a bit impatient. It happens to the best of us!


So, among the payment methods that we found available, there are only two so far that have captured our attention. The first one is credit and debit cards, which are easy to use and are a general user-favourite in online trading. The deposits here are processed instantly, no matter which amount is going through. However, the withdrawals are a bit tricky, since there are different identity check-ups and safety measures that this company applies before completing your requests.

Also, we should mention the bank wire transfer option. This is a traditional form of payment that goes directly through your bank, so there is no way of telling how long will it take to be processed. It was vastly used before any other payment method available, so the trading companies generally like to keep it around for the trusted clients who still prefer it over more advanced and modern solutions. Hey, if it works, why change it, right?


The question of commissions and fees is a tricky one since every trading company works a bit differently in this section. Generally, the commissions attached to your transactions will depend on the amount of money you wish to withdraw. However, the deposits are not additionally charged in any way, which is a great starting point.

So, keeping all this in mind, we found out that TopMarketCap charges a withdrawal fee of 1% for any amount between $30 and $300. This is standard practice and it is not at all demanding or damaging to your funds. Also, the great news here is that there are no hidden fees or unnecessary fines such as inactivity fee, which a lot of fraudulent companies tend to use on a daily basis.


Considering that TopMarketCap is still not a well-established company which was discovered only last year, we were not surprised to find out that they are not yet regulated. This would normally be a huge red flag, but we decided to dig deeper into it and see if there is a valid explanation for it or a decent replacement for a lack of licence.

The TopMarketCap team informed us that they are currently waiting to obtain a licence, which is great news. This process is that much harder since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak since people around the globe are working remotely or not at all. In the meantime, there are a lot of policies and documents that TopMarketCap applies to its daily operations in order to ensure the safety of all its clients.

The most important one is definitely the Anti-money Laundering Policy. This document is globally used by the financial companies in order to ensure additional levels of safety of all clients. The policy also obligates the company to assist the law enforcement with combating damaging activities in the trading world that we mention above, such as fraud, identity theft and other forms of cybercrime.

So, the regulation is a crucial section that provides the functioning of the entire trading landscape. The brands that are regulated are obligated to follow strict regulatory frames that these agencies impose, all with the goal of making a trading market a safe and welcoming place for its participants from across the globe. The companies who do not follow through with it are fined harshly, so it is in everyone’s best interest that they oblige with these industry demands.

Variety of Payment Methods

As we mentioned above, there isn’t a particularly great payment methods selection available at this company. However, the ones that can be used have proved themselves to be more than enough. They are secure and quite fast, too, which is everything you would ever hope to get within a banking method.

The bank wire transfer is able to process all your requests instantly when it comes to deposits, while it can take a few days for withdrawals. However, keep in mind that this is solely for your safety. This includes the KYC policy, which will request from you to provide some additional form of identity proof such as your latest water bill. It is quite clear that safety and security are one of the most important assets at the TopMarketCap trading company.