There isn’t a lot of broker companies that can say they are successful like the Investment Center is. This company has been present on the market for exactly 20 years now – since 2001, to be exact. It is based in the United Kingdom, which is a widely popular spot when it comes to strict regulations and guidelines imposed by regulatory bodies for the brokerages to follow. This company is one of the most experienced brokerages in the business. It is focused mainly on providing CFD and Forex trading services, though it has been working on adding other asset groups as well to satisfy the growing audience of trusted clients. For broker companies like this that have been present for a while, some different rules apply. They need to be that much more focused and dedicated to following up on trends and including innovations into their business plans so they don’t get left behind. Because the market is ruthless and changes every day – so companies are being replaced easier than ever when it comes to clients. They are required to stand the test of time if they want to stay relevant. The Investment center is definitely dedicated to this goal, with changes that are evident both physically and on a deeper level when it comes to internal operations, transactions, and execution.

The very first thing you notice when you visit any website is the home page, of course. So, let’s take a closer look here and see what we can find. The website overall looks pretty great. The design is impeccable and modern, and it looks interactive and easy to use and scroll through. It gives a professional vibe, which is necessary for a successful company. Aside from the look and the appeal of the website, we were also concerned about its functionality. Namely, depending on how well the website works, the clients will give you more positive feedback and they will be more likely to return. So far, we found that the website functions pretty well, and has a lot of positive features that can make your trading life easier. The information is organized quite well, so you won’t have to worry about not finding things that concern you. It is evident that this broker avoids malicious or damaging practices, but let’s check out what else it has up its sleeve.

Quality of Service

There are a lot of things that contribute to the quality of service of a broker company. It is not just the trading platform anymore – there are also different account types to consider, educational resources, and much more.

Let’s talk about the educational material available first. The quality of them shows us that the Investment Center is equally dedicated to both first-time visitors and the experienced traders who have been present for quite a while. The key to having a great educational section is that you don’t force your clients to learn – but to encourage them to want it themselves. This way, they can find a unique way of studying and applying new things that fit their personality in the best way. Also, these resources have to be unique and different from the majority of stuff you can find online – otherwise, the clients wouldn’t even bother to look at them. So, what do we have here? The first thing that pops up is the Asset Index, which gives you details about each one of the tradeable assets available. Then, there is the Glossary with the latest terms that are a part of the regular trading lingo. Lastly, you can also find a variety of eBooks you can use to revise what you already know!


Now, let’s look at the account types that this company offers. There is something for everyone here, regardless of how much (or little!) money you are willing to spend. The basic account is the Silver one, which requires a $250 initial deposit. It is suitable for traders who are here for the first time, so they need extra assistance and simple explanations and guidance in the right direction. Next, there is the Gold account, which gives advantages such as intermediate-level trading lessons, financial planning services, and other advantages for a deposit of $20.000. The Platinum account is set up specifically to give you the best and the most out of your trading experience with the Investment Center – better spreads, bonuses, promotions, and your own personal account manager to guide you through your trading adventure. Lastly, we should also mention the VIP account, but you should know that it is an invitation-only! We can only imagine what are its benefits.

We should also talk about the trading platform, which is one of the most important features of a broker company you will ever use. The Investment Center has provided its own proprietary platform for its users, which consists of a lot of special features you cannot find elsewhere. It is quite intuitive, and there is also a mobile version available. As we mentioned, the asset selection is also good, with around 200 in total. They include stocks, Forex, commodities, indices, and even some cryptos. You can trade them all with the leverage of up to 1:400, which increases both the risks you have to take and the rewards you can acquire this way. So, ask yourself if this is something you are comfortable with before you begin!


Speed of Response

There are many ways to contact the customer support team at the Investment Center. The most obvious one is the email address, which you can use wherever you are currently based. Also, we should note that the agents are available 24/6, which is quite rare for the companies in this sector. There are also several phone numbers you can use, but you should know that they are only available for clients from Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.


Transaction Speed

The transaction speed at this company is quite satisfying. There are several payment methods at your disposal, and they are all able to process the deposits instantly. However, things seem to be working a bit differently when it comes to withdrawals, but that is not at all unusual. Depending on the amount that you wish to withdraw from your account, the risks are that much greater when it comes to safety and security. This is why their team makes sure to properly go through all security measures to ensure that your funds and data are safe from malicious activities. You can learn a lot more about this by checking out their Anti-Money Laundering Policy which explains the importance of working with law enforcement to prevent damaging activities such as fraud and theft in trading.


Commissions and fees are other important things that usually concern a lot of the clients when they are deciding whether they should trade with a certain company or not. A lot of times, these costs are far too great, so the clients tend to give up on trading entirely. The Investment Center is aware of this, which is why they have introduced commission-free trading on a lot of transactions and assets. When it comes to costs, the only ones that you should be concerned about are the minimum deposit requirements attached to different account types, as we explained above.


Lastly, let’s talk about the regulation and licensing details about this company since there is a lot of ground to cover. Since the United Kingdom is the home to one of the strictest regulatory bodies in the entire industry, so it goes without saying that the Investment Center is a company you can trust. But, what does it mean in practice?

Basically, a regulated company is the safest way for you to ensure a great trading experience. With a regulated company, you won’t have to worry about things like your funds and data being in possible danger. Regulated companies make sure that they create the safest regulatory frames for everyday operations because that’s what the regulatory authorities impose. And if they don’t, these authorities will make sure to punish them severely, or even revoke their license. So, it is in everyone’s best interest to follow them.

Variety of Payment Options

Lastly, let’s talk in a bit more detail about the payment options available at the Investment Center. You can use three main options – the bank wire transfer, your credit and debit cards, as well as Bitcoin. The last option might be the best one since it is the safest and also the fastest when it comes to processing your transaction requests. Overall, this company certainly gives its competitors a run for their money! Considering how long the Investment Center has been present on the trading market, we are not surprised at how solid it actually is when it comes to its daily operations.