It can be quite challenging when you are a newly established broker, just starting to build your image on the market. This is true for many reasons, mainly because the clients are already put off by many companies that are just trying to make easy money by using them. StocksCM is different. That fact is quite clear from the very beginning. When you read about the company online you will find that it is one of the rare ones that are able to keep up with the tough demands of the market, as well as keep the traditional approaches that work well.

So, what can we gather about StocksCM on a first glance? Well, the company was created with one goal in mind. And that is, to help you break out of your shell and become the best possible trader you can be. StocksCM is not afraid to push the boundaries of what’s known in order to expand their horizons. As a result, you too will be able to get ahead and learn more about trading than you’ve ever thought possible.

In this StocksCM review, we will show you why the platform is worth your time and effort. They are constantly improving their operations, while simultaneously contributing to a better and more advanced trading environment.

Quality of Service

StocksCM quality of service is a unique combination of success in all levels and areas of business. From the highest parts of the structure to the core values that keep the business running smoothly, StocksCM is equally dedicated to giving you a complete experience. The experience, of course, being the subtle art of trading. There are a lot of things that contribute to your trading adventure, and StocksCM takes into consideration each one of them.

Whether you are attempting to invest or if trading is more your speed, there are a few differences to pay attention to here. StockCM addresses them in a simple language, so every client can keep updated without any trouble. So, are you an investor or a trader?

While both attempt to earn profits through the financial market, there are some differences here. Investors are typically focused on getting larger profits, which requires a lot of patience and knowledge. On the other hand, the traders take into consideration a wide range of assets, as well as so many factors and trends that can contribute to that experience. Overall, traders have a lot more to deal with, but also have a lot more opportunities to earn money.

So, it is quite obvious that a single difference can affect their trading experience, and that is timing. Namely, while the traders are waiting for things to play out and go in their favour, investors are able to collect profits much faster and without wasting that time. And that is when your broker company comes in the picture – StocksCM. This company deals with all of the details surrounding your trading day. So, while their team is busy with handling charts, analysis and trends, you can focus solely on choosing the right asset for your portfolio.

Speed of Response

There are several ways to contact StocksCM customer support, and the response is instant. This is quite encouraging, especially considering that this section is mostly disregarded by the companies entirely. There are so many clients that are deciding to drop trading with a company altogether just because they feel neglected by their agents. And you know how important it is to get the proper assistance, especially when you are trading. Things are moving so fast, and it is important that you are up to speed at all times.

That’s why there are many different communication channels you can use to get in touch with the StocksCM support team. The most obvious one is the live chat, that is also the fastest one. You can connect with the agents who are always available and get a response within just a few seconds. There is also the option of filling out a brief form on their website, which will be responded within a few hours. And finally, the e-mail option is also available and quite similar to the form. You can also call them on the phone, but only if you are a client from Australia or the United Kingdom.

Transaction Speed

StocksCM offers quite a lot of options for making your deposit or a withdrawal. Each one takes a certain amount of time to be processed. But what is most important to note here is that their team uses that time wisely – to verify your identity and other key information to provide you with the utmost safety.

StocksCM also takes pride in giving you some of the smoothest execution options. Imagine that you are in the middle of an important trade, and you need an extra push to get you through a rough patch. You can easily fund your account in just a few moments, without missing out on that winning streak!

This is particularly important when trading currency pairs. As you may know already, the Forex market is always open and available for you to join in on the action. As a result, you can trade anytime and anywhere you are. Therefore, you will need an efficient trading platform to execute these trades! StocksCM is aware of that, which is why they made this process easier than ever before.


Commissions are another thing that we want to check in the StocksCM review. Policy about commissions, fees and other costs you should worry about is listed clearly on their website. Many other companies are trying hard to hide these facts until it’s too late. But luckily for StocksCM clients, this is not the case here. You can find all of this information clearly listed on their website, under the section named Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation policy. Here, you will see that there are no additional costs for the deposits, which is a huge advantage. It means that you can add additional funds to your account as often as you like.

On the other hand, there are some fees when you wish to make a withdrawal, which is also standard. The fees vary depending on the amount you wish you take from your account. However, one thing that they guarantee is that the fee will always amount to 1%, between 30 USD/GBP/EUR and 300 USD/GBP/EUR. As you can see, there shouldn’t be any surprises here.


StocksCM is an unregulated broker, but that shouldn’t worry you. They are setting the standards quite high in the trading community, through the strict regulatory frames that they impose for themselves and their clients, too. These frames serve as guidelines for the company, but also for the traders. They ensure the fair game rules at all times while you’re engaging with the market. As a result, everyone has a fair shot at trying out different assets and learning your way around trading and investing.

As you can see, the regulation can be useful, but you can also work well without it. It all depends on the company, and StocksCM is definitely trustworthy in this area. They are also fairly new on the market, so it is understandable why they do not have a licence yet. That also doesn’t mean that they are not working hard on getting it! We will just have to wait a while to see if that will come through in the future.

Variety of Payment Methods

There are 3 payment options in total which you can use to make deposits or withdrawals from your account, but we guarantee that this is more than enough. The first group consists of the credit and debit cards, which tend to take around several business days to be processed. This is standard, considering that the StocksCM team needs to verify your information, identity and other important facts to make sure that you are always safe.

Then, you can choose the bank wire transfer option, which takes a bit longer to process. There is also a minimum of $100 which you can withdraw, with a 1% fee that we already mentioned in the previous passages. In the end, there is a Bitcoin option that requires only a few moments to be processed. The minimum amount to withdraw here is $250 in the Bitcoin equivalent. Also, it goes without saying that you will need to use the same payment method for deposits and withdrawals, to make things simpler and safer for your data and funds. In the end, there is nothing that we find concerning with StocksCM. They are efficient and reliable, as well as dedicated to contributing to the market evolution, as well as your success on it as a client.