SecuredVC is a relatively new name in the world of trading, but they are definitely the ones you want to watch out for. And we mean that in the best possible way – SecuredVC values security and reliability above all else. Their team has kept in mind the main goals of each client that enters the market. And that goal is, to have fun, make some profits, and do so while being as safe as possible. SecuredVC is a perfect combination of these features. It contributes to a much safer and trustworthy trading environment, while simultaneously being ahead and competitive on the market.

SecuredVC is a trading platform that was founded on the core values of trading, which seizes deeply into our modern history. The first pieces of evidence of trading assets and money can be found in the Paleolith era, among the hunters that exchanged their hunted goods with others. There is a certain simplicity in our history – so many proofs that, no matter who we are and where we are coming from, we are similar to one another. SecuredVC is aware of that, and they aim to bring their clients closer to their goals, and closer to each other within their big trading family.

In this SecuredVC review, we will talk about the features that this company has that make her stand out from the crowd of others. From security to a variety of assets, let’s see what else is important to note about this broker.

Quality of Service

SecuredVC is a company unlike any other. While other names tend to stick to what they know and not dab into other sectors that can derail their mission, SecuredVC is not afraid of that. They tend to cover a wide range of services in trading, which is why they offer some of the most versatile selections of assets. From CFDs and Forex to cryptocurrencies and commodities, this company covers all the blind spots that you might find with other trading companies.

When we checked out the SecuredVC Terms and Conditions page, we were pleasantly surprised for many reasons. The first of them being the fact that they do not take the question of safety and security lightly. Rather than just claim safety, they tend to prove it to each one of their clients. One of the clearest signals of how determined they are on this mission is their willingness to work with law enforcement in order to prevent any fraudulent activities that could hurt the clients.

Aside from that, you will also notice that there are many account types you can choose from when trading with SecuredVC. This only proves that the company values and appreciates the differences that each client has to offer. By bringing those together, the company is also contributing to a better and more welcoming trading landscape. Not a lot of companies are able to acknowledge the importance of this.

Speed of Response

SecuredVC support team is one of the most efficient ones we have ever seen. First, their agents are knowledgeable and friendly, which is a rare combination. They are also patient with the many queries that the clients may have along the way. But the most important thing to note is how prompt they are when it comes to answering to the users.

There are several ways to contact them. The most used option is definitely live chat since you will get your answer instantly. There is always an agent available on the other line, so you will get connected quite fast. Another option that is quite popular is e-mail, which is similar to the form for submitting questions which you can find on the website. Either way, there is no trouble when attempting to educate yourself and get in touch with the SecuredVC customer service.

Transaction Speed

Efficiency is one of the most important values that SecuredVC cherishes. That is why their team has made sure that each part of the execution of trades goes as smoothly as possible, and that includes the transactions. This section especially can be a bit tricky at times, so it is a great thing to hear that the company pays attention to it.

Since the entire trading platform at SecuredVC works like a well-oiled machine, you can expect that this part will be handled properly as well. There are several payment options that you can choose to execute your trades. However, one thing they all have in common is that the times of processing are instant. This way, your trading journey can go smoothly as always, without worrying about missing out on anything.


With each of these payment methods that we mentioned, there are certain commissions and fees that you need to pay attention to. However, the great thing about SecuredVC is that they do not have any hidden or additional costs that they will casually slip in your account right in the middle of your trading. Rather, they are honest about all of the fees and commissions you can expect during the entire trading experience with the company. This is a huge relief, especially since a lot of companies tend to mislead you when it comes to this section.

So, at SecuredVC the process of depositing your money comes without any fees, which is great. However, the story is a bit different when it comes to withdrawals. It should be noted that there is also a minimum required amount that you will need to withdraw in case of using Bitcoin as a payment option. That amount is $250 in Bitcoin equivalent, while the rest of the payment methods require the minimum withdrawal of $100. Also, the fee that goes with your withdrawal is 1% of the amount you wish to withdraw – in other words, it will be somewhere between 30 USD/GBP/EUR and 300 USD/GBP/EUR.


SecuredVC is not regulated in a traditional sense. However, there is still some regulatory frames and guidelines that this company tends to follow each step of the way, so they can keep the trust of the clients. Besides, there are so many brands that seem regulated but are often violating some of the most basic rules of the market. So, when you put it like that, how can you know who to trust and turn to?

SecuredVC takes that into consideration, which is why they have implemented a lot of different policies and regulatory rules that are aimed to protect the clients, but also the company itself and its reputation. One of the most important documents in this area is the KYC policy.

KYC is short for “Know Your Customer”, and it refers to all the processes that are implemented each day during your trading to ensure the ultimate safety through the platform. This takes into consideration a variety of documents that prove your identity, address of your residence and similar key facts about you. This policy is implemented in the entire trading industry, and it includes not just the clients and the trading companies, but also other market participants as well.

Variety of Payment Options

As we mentioned already, there is a variety of payment methods which you can use to make a deposit to your account or withdraw some of that hard-earned money to treat yourself. It goes without saying, of course, that you will need to use the same payment method for both processes. For example, if you are choosing your credit card for making a deposit, you should also make a withdrawal request through the same feature. This just makes it easier for their agents to do identity verification and other important check-ups in order to prove your identity and make sure that your money stays yours.

Aside from the credit cards, you can use the option of withdrawing your money through the bank wire transfer. We should note that this option can sometimes take up to 7 business days. This may seem like a lot, but keep in mind that the wire transfers usually work like that, no matter which platform you are using. 

And finally, there is the option of using e-wallet and withdrawing your money in the form of Bitcoin. This option is probably the safest one in the entire world of trading, not to mention that it is quite handy and easy to learn and use.

As you can see in this SecuredVC review, there are a lot of things that make this broker stand out in the crowd. Their unique approach to the clients is definitely working, and we are certain that their success will last for a long time.