It’s interesting to see how many Forex brokers are out there. As a trader, you have so many options and there is no reason to choose someone that doesn’t fit your needs completely. That’s why we are always looking forward to new reviews. This is the best way to find out how someone does its business and if they deserve the trust of the clients.

Today, we will talk about RichmondSuper. A Forex broker with competitive offers and excellent trading conditions. Of course, many other things determine whether a broker is good for us or not, so let’s focus on the whole service to see its quality. After that, we will know for sure what to expect.

richmondsuper review

Quality of service

Quality of service includes a lot of things. From trading platforms, to good conditions. If something is not right, we will see it right away. The first thing that caught our attention is a trading platform. Oftentimes, brokers want to make things visually-appealing and they forget about practicality. Yes, it’s nice to trade on a well-designed platform, but let’s be honest. Each trader would rather choose a place where there are no distractions and complicated menus.

Luckily, RichmondSuper had something else in mind, so they created a simple platform with just a few necessary details. This way, you will be able to navigate through it without any assistance. We really appreciate this, since it saves a lot of time (there is no need to contact customer support and ask for help, you will find every detail on your own).

Now, when we have seen how good the platform is, we can move on to trading accounts. This broker created five accounts and based on your level of experience you can choose one. Needless to say, we are excited to see such a variety of offers. It’s on you to choose the desired one, but keep in mind that minimum deposits are different for each account. That said, we have the Trial Account and you can deposit only $250. But there is also the Heritage account that requires a minimum balance of $250,000 or more.

Within each account, you will get over 200 tradable assets, market reviews and flexible leverage. The best thing you can do is look at the comparison at the website and see what offer will suit you the best. If you want a dedicated senior account manager and spreads from 1.5 pips to satisfy your needs, choose the Passive Income Account. But, if you are eager for more, Portfolio Management and Retirement Accounts would be a perfect choice. With them, you will get weekly webinars, prioritized withdrawal level and ultra-tight spreads.

As you can see, we are more than satisfied with both the platform and account offer. So, this RichmondSuper review started on a very positive note. Let’s just hope this broker will continue to amaze us because if it does, we will have an extraordinary broker to recommend without a flinch of hesitation.

richmondsuper review

Speed of response

All of us understand the importance of customer support. If something goes wrong, clients need to have someone who will be there to guide them and potentially find the solution to any problem about the account, trading platform, etc. That said, we pay special attention to Customer Support and the speed of response in our reviews.

When it comes to RichmondSuper, you can choose one of four different methods for contact. This is a great selection since this broker covered everything. From Live Chat to phone line. You can choose whatever fits your needs. Aside from that, there is an online form and email.

Of course, the fastest way to receive an answer is Live Chat. We decided to test this option and see if the speed of response satisfies our demands. First of all, you should know that the chat is easy to use. The only thing you need to do is add personal details and type the message. After that, one of the representatives will welcome you and discuss the problem you have.

Our experience was excellent and we can tell you straight away, it fulfilled our expectations. We received a reply within a couple of minutes and the answer was more than satisfying. The dilemma we had was solved and we could continue with creating an account.

richmondsuper review

Transaction Speed

Speed of transaction is an important part of every broker since nobody wants to wait for a month to receive the profit they made. Don’t worry, with RichmondSuper you won’t have to wait that long. Usually, the waiting process is up to ten business days and two different situations determine how long it will last.

The first one is the account you have. If you have a Portfolio Management Account, you will have prioritized withdrawal level number two. For a Retirement Account, that level is one and if you choose Heritage, you will have a completely custom-made experience.

The other thing that plays a big role is Identity Verification. Due to account security, each withdrawal is followed by a verification process. So, it’s up to you to send some important documents and speed up the whole process. If you do that the same day, you will receive money on your bank account faster. If you prolong the verification, the withdrawal process will be prolonged too. So, our advice is to go to the KYC Policy page and see what documents you need to prepare. That way, you will be ready to send them the same day you request a withdrawal.


A good thing about this broker is that you can find every important information on the website. So, if you are interested in commissions, you can go to the Terms and Conditions page and read all about it. That said, clients do not need to worry about hidden fees, since everything is transparent.

As expected, there are some fees but what surprised us is that they are not huge at all. You will have to pay for withdrawal fees as well as inactivity one. So, each time you make a withdrawal, a small amount will be deducted from your account automatically. Also, if you do not use the account for 30 days in a row, you will have to pay a certain commission (99 USD/GBP/EUR).

Since that’s all when it comes to fees, we have to say RichmondSuper is quite a client-oriented broker and we are happy to see that.


There is one thing you should know about regulation. It’s not a mandatory thing to have although many people believe it is. The license doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have good trading conditions. It simply provides additional security and sometimes it’s much better to choose a broker that will be there to support you, rather than one who has a license but lacks other things.

With RichmondSuper, your funds are safe and the trading account is protected. There is no need to worry about frauds and if something happens, customer support is there to support you. So, the lack of a license shouldn’t worry you at all.

Variety of Payment Methods

Diversity of payment methods is always a big plus. Of course, it’s not something that determines whether a broker is good or not, but it makes a nice addition to the overall experience. With RichmondSuper you can choose between Credit Cards, Bank Wire and eWallets. This is a good selection and the only thing you should think about is that you have to choose the same method when you deposit and withdraw funds. So, keep that in mind when you make the first deposit at this website.

Another good thing that caught our attention is the fact that you can use multiple Credit Cards for deposit. If you choose this option, there is one requirement. Upon withdrawal, an equal amount of money will be transferred to each Credit Card and if there is an additional profit, it will be transferred directly through Bank Wire to your account.

richmondsuper review


RichmondSuper is a broker that deserves your full attention. Not only it provides excellent trading conditions, but it will give you a certain dose of security with all those safety methods and supportive customer representatives. Our experience was nothing but positive, and without any hesitations, we can recommend you to open an account at RichmondSuper. As it looks like, each client is treated with respect and you won’t waste your time or money if you decide to trade here.