Nostra Capital is a well-known name in the Forex market. It’s not a secret that people love it and it took us a long time to finally test out every option this broker has. To be completely honest, it didn’t take us long to realise how good this broker actually is and why people like to open an account and trade here.

The mission this broker has is to make online trading accessible to everyone, retail and institutional. Well, they are doing their best in that segment, since almost every person can open an account here (excluding The United States, Cuba, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Iran and Syria).

Here, you will have cutting-edge technology that is simple and secure, more than 200 tradable assets to choose from and the best thing of all, the main focus of Nostra Capital is the client itself. So, everything should be subordinated to you and your needs.

This is more than we could ask for a good start, so the only thing left is to see if Nostra Capital really has all those things that are promised.

Quality of Service

The best way to know if the broker is good or not is to go through the service quality and see the whole offer. That’s exactly what we are going to do now, starting from education. So, does Nostra Capital offer a decent selection of educational material? Yes, it does. Here, you will have education in both theoretical and practical ways. 

First of all, there is some educational material offered to everyone, even to the people who don’t have an account here. Numerous eBooks cover topics such as basic technical analysis, beginners strategies, capital management, advanced technical analysis, etc. You can also find a Glossary section, Asset Index and Frequently Asked Questions page that contains all important topics.

As we said, all of this is available to every visitor, but if you decide to open an account, you will have access to many other materials. For example, Nostra Capital organises different webinars and depending on the account you choose they can be monthly, weekly or daily. You will also have private sessions and video lessons that cover every segment of the Forex Market. So, without any doubt, you will be able to learn a lot if you become a Nostra Capital client.

When it comes to account types, the offer is equally good as education. There are four accounts and you can choose the one that suits your level of experience. From Basic to Platinum accounts, there are enough options for everyone.

The Basic account provides you with the market review and leverage up to 1:100. As you can see, this is not much but as the name itself says, this is the simplest account that requires the deposit of just 250 EUR and that makes it a perfect choice for beginners.

The Silver account has a deposit requirement of 10,000 EUR and it offers much more things than the Basic one. For example, dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, gold spreads, financial and risk management planning, special venture promotions, etc.

The last two options are Gold and Platinum and those are accounts that offer everything that you could possibly need. From VIP spreads to prioritized withdrawals, you will also have complete access to trade room analysis and webinars, as well as an invitation to VIP events. So, if you like to have every option available, one of those two accounts is perfect for you.


In this segment, we will go through one more thing and that is the trading platform. It’s a web-based one and you can use it on any device as long as you have access to the Internet. One part of the platform contains everything for account management, while the other ones are for the assets. You can switch between different classes and once you decide which asset you want to choose and select it, a chart will appear. That chart is fully customisable, so you can arrange everything according to your needs.

The only thing we can say now is that Nostra Capital fulfilled all our expectations. We are more than satisfied with the quality of service and if the customer support responsiveness is equally good, this Nostra Capital review will end up just as we want it.


Speed of Response

Needless to say, after a service like this, we expect nothing but the highest-quality support centre. We will start with contact methods because there is a decent selection and you can choose according to your preferences.

At your disposal, you will have a Live Chat, phone line, email and online form. If you are not a talkative person and you prefer to send an email, we advise you to use Live Chat. This is the method we tested and we can guarantee you will receive an immediate response.

We had some questions about deposits, so we sent a few messages. One of the agents welcomed us and gave an answer to every question. Nothing was skipped and we found out everything that interested us. So, Nostra Capital gets a big plus for responsive customer support.


Transaction Speed

Nostra Capital made sure to create a fast process for both deposits and withdrawals. Deposits are instant no matter the methods, while withdrawals take from seven to ten business days. Of course, the waiting time will depend on the account you have. If you open a Basic account, you won’t have a prioritized withdrawal level, but if you go with the Platinum one, you will have that and the waiting time will be much shorter.


This broker is a very transparent one and that’s what we like about it. So, when we wanted to check everything about commissions, there wasn’t a single problem, every fee is listed on the website which is great because there won’t be any negative surprises.

There is a withdrawal fee, but it’s just one per cent. There is also a Dormant account fee and you will have to pay for it only if you do not use your account in the consecutive 30 days, otherwise, this fee is not active.

The last fee that we want to mention is a refund one and we cannot complain about this because Nostra Capital decided to implement a refund option on the website, so it wouldn’t be fair for us to complain about the small fee in that case.


Although Nostra Capital is not a regulated broker, after everything we saw, that doesn’t worry us at all. This broker might not have a license, but it offers conditions that are so great, we think it would be a shame if anyone skips it due to the lack of the license. Every security step is implemented, transparency is number one here, so we cannot find a single reason not to recommend Nostra Capital.

Variety of Payment Options

There are three payment options here, and you can choose whichever you prefer. Credit Card, Bank Wire or Bitcoin Transfer, all of that works flawlessly and money will be on your account instantly. So, it’s totally up to you to select the method you want once you open an account at Nostra Capital.