Can you learn FX trading with MyTradingCollege?

We have all seen Wolf of Wall Street and at some point wanted to take a page out of Jordan Belfort’s book. We see vast sums of money being thrown around, that have the potential to fulfil all of our dreams. As amazing as all of that sounds, many people tend to overlook a crucial part of the movie. Like every story of success before it, this one starts with proper education. Let’s face it, making money on the stock market isn’t easy. It takes a lot of studying and dedication to have any kind of an impactful career as a trader.

Like the movie teaches us, sustaining success as a trader can prove to be drastically more difficult than obtaining it in the first place. In this content, good education really pays off. It gives you the tools to achieve long-term prosperity. This is why the internet is flooded with forex educational programs. However, not all of them are created equal. Lecturers like MyTradingCollege do a great job in creating a platform that is accessible to all types of traders regardless of their experience, ambitions and budget.

mytradingcollege review

Is learning solo a good idea?

Taking the initiative should be commended, but in our opinion, it is not a good idea in the long-run. While independent research can take you up to a certain point, enrolling a professionally made course allows you to gain a comprehensive introduction and avoid some of the commonly made mistakes. Some of those might seem trivial, but they can add up pretty quickly.

The essential part of the forex market is its volatility. In order to profit from these fluctuations, traders need to have substantial knowledge of current trends in order to make quick alterations to their strategies. Novice traders can easily rack up large losses in an extremely volatile market. Online forex courses are either designed to be as wide-ranging to provide a general introduction to the world of trading or cover a specific topic in great detail. When selection your first forex course, it’s important to know what thing to pay close attention to.

Type of content

Every one of us takes in content in a different way. Some learn best in a visual while others prefer aural ways, it’s all down to personal preference. Some forex courses just offer one type of content leaving a vast number of traders at a disadvantage.  An engaging course should deliver content in several ways that can help to keep the learning experience enjoyable.

MyTradingCollege offers innovative solutions at each of its packages. All of them include written, video and interactive types of content that can appeal to both beginners and seasoned traders alike. There are three personalized courses on offer – Turtle, Shark and Whale.

mytradingcollege review

Turtle course starts at €250 and it’s primarily intended for novice traders. There are nearly two hours of video material that does a great job explaining the market fundamentals. Mastering the basics gets even easier if you choose to focus on the eBook portion of the package. You get 130 pages that hold crucial information on how to start your trading carer. In addition to his, traders can also learn how to make the most of key features almost any brokerage offers. Predicting market trends is key to sustained success, and this can be achieved easily by following the economic calendar and market news. Learning how to properly read and navigate this sea of information is crucial for any trader. The low entry fee is ideal for anyone who would like to get his/hers feet wet.

Once you master the basics, it’s time to move on. The Shark package is designed to further educate people who already have a basic understanding of the trading world. Similarly to the previous package, the material here is divided into several categories. For those who prefer to read, there are advanced eBooks that cover topics from technical analysis to custom trading strategies. For the visual types, there are numerous in-depth videos that act as a tutorial on how to use more advanced tactics.

At this stage of your trading career, it’s worth considering trading psychology. By relying on this concept, traders get a much deeper understanding of how, when and why certain market trends and anomalies can occur. This concept is masterfully explained in this MyTradingCollege package. Live signals are another invaluable trading tool. Here you can learn how to start using this as a complementary piece to your trading strategies. As the market is a live organism, it changes every second, and this needs to be reflected in your trading strategy. Understanding how to use Daily analysis, asset trends and live signals will give you all the control you need to be a successful trader.

Finally, MyTradingCollege offers the Whale package at a discount. If you hurry, you might still be able to grab this package for €1,000 instead of the regular €2,500. Considering everything that is included, this is an incredible deal. It is marketed as a means to “unleash your full potential”, and after going through the extensive list of features, we can certainly understand why. Unlike the previous two packages, the Whale offers complete A to Z solutions in one place. Traders receive a full education on everything trading related, starting with the fundamental to the most comprehensive set of tools and strategies. At this given price, it is a steal, and it should be considered by anyone who ever considered online trading.

Experienced Instructors

If you want to enrol an online course, you definitely want to know that it is being taught by an experienced teacher with demonstrable success in the forex market. The first thing to do is to inspect the overall design of the website and check for indicators of professionalism. Unusual formatting, poor design and illogical structuring should be a clear red flag. You should also pay close attention to the courses are structured and what they are offering. This is how you can recognize if the material was conceived by someone who has experience in trading.

MyTradingCollege passes this test with flying colours. From the get-go, you can see that there was a team of industry veterans behind this idea. The same level of professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm is noticeable through both the website and the courses as well. Each type of learning material seems to be carefully constructed with accessibility in mind. As most of you can already testify, not all experts make good teachers. Luckily authors behind MyTradingCollege had enough expertise and skills to translate both the fundamentals and the advanced concepts to a level everyone can understand and follow.

mytradingcollege review

Dedicated support

Educational courses are often one-sided. All material is already documented, and the material you are presented is often non-interactable. To make up for this, a strong support system must be included in the package. MyTradingCollege does not disappoint in this department. Even though they only offer one type of communication channel, we were pleasantly surprised by how quickly we got our replies.

Students can direct their queries on the website via the on-page form. The support agents were very polite and qualified, and we were usually getting our replies within the hour. They always left the option open to contact us via phone, but if you are in a hurry, there is no need to worry since the email communication works like a charm.


We are living in a buyer’s market. The abundance of competition has driven the forex education providers to excel at every point. MyTradingCollege is an excellent example of this. By offering a top-quality education experience for its clients, they have created a name for themselves. Variety and quality of the content they supply are one of the best one the market.

Their current level of professionalism and commitment should be commended. Both newcomers and industry veterans have sufficient material to upgrade their game to a new level at a very affordable price. There was only was drawback we felt was worthy of mentioning. We would prefer If they could provide at least one additional support communication channel. If this were the case, we would not hesitate to give them a perfect score. As it stands, MyTradingCollege deserves a 4.5/5 on our scale. If you are considering online trading as a new career or just a supplement to your current one, MyTradingCollege would be a great choice.

Our score: 4.5/5