Markets Capital Group is a Forex broker that offers over 100k trading assets. What makes this broker different is the fact that the whole team is formed by experienced traders, who are ready to help each client. This way, you will have the full support of someone who already mastered the Forex field.

This is an excellent thing, and it makes me really excited to see what offer this broker has. I expect nothing less than numerous educational materials and excellent customer support. So, let’s dive into this MarketsCG review and see what offer expects us.

What this broker promises are optimal trading conditions, tailored interface, and premium client support. Not bad, I must admit. First of all, trading conditions are optimal indeed. Each client can choose between five different accounts and that is an impressive offer. The smallest account is Silver. Within this one you receive 1:20 leverage and up to 20% of welcome credit. The maximum monthly exposure is $20,000 and the minimum deposit requirement is from €10,001 to €20,000.

After the Silver account, there is a Gold one. This time the leverage is 1:40, welcome credit is up to 40%, maximum monthly exposure is $50,000 but you also get an account executive, 1 on 1 educational course, daily market reviews and weekly managed sessions. If you decide to go with this account, the minimum deposit you need to make is €20,001 to €100,000.

With a Platinum account, you have to deposit from €100,001 to €200,000. Aside from all those things from the Gold account you will get quarterly dividends, 1:60 leverage, up to 60% welcome credit, $300,000 maximum monthly exposure and access to premium trading rooms.

The next account is Diamond. The leverage with this one is 1:100, welcome credit is up to 80%, maximum monthly exposure is $750,000 and you get a VIP mentorship program, but you have to deposit from €200,001 to €499,999. Lastly, there is a VIP account. You can become a VIP member if you deposit €500,000 or more and you will be able to enjoy everything MarketsCG offers. For example, 1:150 leverage, up to 120% welcome credit, $2,000,000 maximum monthly exposure and many other things.

I was impressed at the beginning, but now I am impressed even more. Just a quick look at trading conditions tells me that people behind this broker are professionals and I cannot wait to go through the rest of this MarketsCG review and see what else they prepared.

Quality of service

When I say service quality, I mean every little detail that can have an impact on trading. From the website to customer support, I won’t settle for less than the highest quality.

The website design is good. It is responsive and it doesn’t have a lot of details that can often be distractive. Most importantly, it is optimised for every device. In the main menu, there are different options and one of them is the Trading Platform. It’s a web-based platform that contains everything you need for trading. There is a possibility to switch between Forex, Commodities, Crypto, Stocks, and Indices, and on the left side are the most important features like deposit, funds, settings, etc.

Another thing that leaves a significant impression on overall experience and quality of service is education. From this part, we can clearly see whether a broker truly cares about clients or not.

In this case, it obviously does. There is an Education Center that contains eBooks (beginners strategies, capital management, etc.), Glossary, and many other important materials that will be useful to both professionals and beginners. So, what we can tell from all of this is that MarketsCG provides high-quality service.

Speed of response

If you think I am done with testing the quality of service, you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s time to see whether this broker managed to provide customer service that will satisfy the needs of the most complicated clients, like myself.

What I can see at the first glance is that there are different ways of contact. Phone numbers, compliance email, support email, online contact form, and Live Chat. So far, I am satisfied but if the support is not responsive, it’s all in vain.

I decided to test out the Live Chat since I wanted to get a fast reply. As usual, you need to add some details, choose the type of your problem and send a message. An agent replied within a couple of minutes and provided me with a precise answer. They knew how to solve my request instantly and I am pleased to see that. That said, I can only give this broker one big plus for the response speed.

Transaction speed

As MarketsCG takes good care of security, the first step is always Identity Verification. So if you want to make the whole process faster, visit the KYC Policy page on the website and prepare those documents in advance. This way you can send everything the same day and someone from MarketsCG can go through everything and continue with your withdrawal request.

The average waiting time is from seven to ten business days, which is not a lot. Usually, this process lasts longer, so this is even better than I expected. The withdrawal speed depends on the account you chose. With the Silver one you need to wait seven business days, with the Gold waiting time is five business days, with Platinum it is three days, with Diamond it is two days and VIP account offers instant withdrawals. So, the request will be processed the same day. After the approval, everything depends on your payment provider.

Since this broker has a Refund Policy if you want to cancel your request, there is a possibility to do that. The waiting time, in that case, is up to 48 hours for the customer support team to approach your request.


With MarketsCG you won’t have to worry about hidden fees and big commissions. This broker is fully transparent, and you can see everything on the website. There are some fees, but compared to others, they are quite small.

First of all, there is an Overnight Fee and it may apply to each Forex or CFDs open position at the closing of the trading day. Aside from that, there is a withdrawal fee of 1% (the minimum fee is 30 USD/GBP/EUR and the maximum are 300 USD/GBP/EUR).

And that’s it. This broker doesn’t charge any other commission, so you can trade with a peace of mind.


When it comes to choosing a suitable Forex broker, it can be harder than it seems. Oftentimes people just check whether someone has a license or not, but there are many other things that you need to look at before you decide whether a specific broker deserves your trust or not.

MarketsCG is an unregulated Forex broker. But don’t let that scare you. So far, this broker provided more than excellent trading conditions and there is no reason to skip trading with it.

I will give you one piece of advice. It is always better to choose a broker without a license but with flawless conditions, then to look for a license and forget about other things. For example, MarketsCG offers the highest level of security and you will always know that the funds are safe. So, keep in mind that when you make the decision.

Variety of payment methods

As a payment method, you can use Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, or Bitcoin Transfers. As usual, once you choose one method for the deposit, you need to proceed with it when it comes time to withdrawing your funds.

If you choose Credit Cards, transfers are applied upon your deposit balance and that excludes profits and bonuses. If you use multiple cards for deposits, each card is entitled to the equal amount you transferred. So, if you deposit $100 from one card and $50 from another, for example, MarketsCG will return equal amounts to the cards when you make a withdrawal. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to receive full amounts to one card only. Instead, if you have any additional profits, they need to be withdrawn with Bank Transfer directly to your account.

I appreciate the possibility to make deposits from different cards, especially when I see that MarketsCG takes good care of client’s security.

If you choose Bitcoin as a deposit method, the exchange rate will be determined by the rate at the time the transfer is processed and not at the time of the exchange. This broker even provided a website where it determines the rates, and I have to say the transparency of MarketsCG continues to amaze me. The minimal amount for Bitcoin withdrawals is an equivalent of $250 and if you ask me, this is excellent.

When it comes to summarizing my thoughts in this MarketsCG review, the only thing I can say is that this broker provides extraordinary service. From customer support to a great platform and variety of payment methods. Most importantly, you will have the possibility to consciously improve your knowledge and gain new skills.