As one of the newer brokerages out there, Infinity capital has got a lot to prove. With the influx of so many new traders in 2020, it is no wonder that there is an abundance of new brokers. However, not all of them are created equal. With so many scammers out there, it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish the legitimate ones. Infinity Capital is one of these brokerages without much pedigree. This puts them in a rather unfortunate position, but in the end, we were surprised with what we experienced. In our Infinity Capital review, we described in full detail what our journey looked like, with all the highs and all the lows we experienced.


Quality of service

Navigation is effortless, and everyone will be able to find what they were looking for without any issue. The entire website and all of the features seem to be designed with accessibility in mind. Everything is written in plain English so that everyone can comprehend easily. There is no demo account, but there is plenty of account tiers that can fit anyone’s desires and ambitions. For just €250, you gain access to most of the features necessary to start your trading career. If you want to make more use of higher – grade perks, you can step up to the Silver, Gold or even Platinum account. The excellence of service is apparent in customer service as well.


Speed of Response

Customer support is one of the fundamental pillars of each successful brokerages. No matter how good your product is, if your support agents cannot live up to the same standards, the entire thing could fall apart very easily. Infinity Capital seems to be aware of this, and we were happy to see that they took this very seriously. They offer numerous communication channels for their clients.

All of them seem to be equally efficient, it all boils down to your own preference in the end. You can talk to someone directly or choose the chat option. There are three call centres, with one in Australia, the United Kingdom and Austria. All of them are held to the same standard, your choice boils down to your language preference. They were always able to address our issues head on and resolve them within minutes. The only thing to keep in mind is their working hours, which is Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 13:00 GMT.

On the other hand, if you don’t have the time to talk, or simply prefer typing, you can write them an email via the on-page form or your email client of choice, or you can try the quick chat if you are in a hurry. Do not get us wrong, all emails we sent out were replied to within the hour, but if you require a real-time fix, then you should definitely try quick chat. The good thing about it is that you will be communicating with a real person and not a chat bot that normally just forwards you some pre-written content that is of little help. This way, you are sure to get the response you need.


Transaction Speed

Infinity Capital has decided to address one of the biggest issues new traders have when stepping into the world of online trading for the first time. Most of the industry adopted trading platforms offer little in the sense of accessibility. Numerous tools and design that is anything but user-friendly make navigation extremely arduous. Infinity capital apparently wanted to cater to the new wave of traders by developing their own solution from the ground up. They claim that this was done in order to make the first few steps easier, and thus increase interest in new clients to further improve their trading career.

When you first open up Infinity Capital trading platform, you will not be overwhelmed. The entire design seems minimalistic but in fact, it is packed with useful shortcuts that can take you anywhere you need to go in a single click. The majority of the screen is reserved for the asset list and the real-time performance monitor. On the left, you will be able to see all the available tradable instruments, divided into several categories. These include Indices, Stocks, Forex, Crypto and Commodities. They are very helpful because you can easily locate the aster you are looking for. At a glance, you can see the current buy and sell values as well as the comparison to the last session.

Once you select your preferred asset, on the right, you will be able to monitor real-life performance.  The great thing is that you can interact with it and make use of many available tools in order to customize your trading strategy. Veteran traders will appreciate the presence of these tools, as they allow a much deeper analysis of current and future market trends.


Another great feature of the platform is the shortcut section on the left. From here, you can instantly see all your open and closed positions, deposit or withdraw funds and even access account settings. This might seem trivial, but it goes a long way in immersing a new client. All of their time can be spent within the platform without the need to constantly having to get out to check a specific feature.


Calculating the trading fees can be a cumbersome task, especially if your brokerage is shady about hidden fees. Infinity Capital seems to combat this by being transparent about their fees. All of them can be found in the terms and conditions section. In this part of Infinity Capital review, we will breakdown each one.

Withdrawal fees are applicable in the event that there are no transactions on your account for 30 consecutive days. In case this occurs, you are looking at 99 (ninety nine) USD/ GBP/ EUR per each such period. Event of default charges sounds complicated, but it is very easy to avoid. Basically, if you avoid breaching terms of conditions, you will have nothing to fear. Overnight fees occur if you have forex or CFD open positions at the closing of the company’s trading day. All of these are very easy to avoid and pose no threat to anyone who reads the terms and conditions and actually plans on trading.

While all the above mentioned charges are pretty standard, we have to mention the fees in connection with third parties. This is certainly not the first brokerage to apply them, however, they are far from the industry standard. On the positive side, everything is stated upfront, so that you know what you are dealing with. In practice, this is most often related to referrals by or on behalf of a broker or other third parties. In that case, we suggest contacting the customer support as commissions can vary.  



Let us be blunt about it. Infinity Capital is not a regulated broker. However, upon trading with them we do not see that as a red flag. Most newly opened brokerages simply cannot afford the pricy regulatory policies, so they opt to improve other aspects of trading fist. We understand this and would much prefer to see a competent broker that can deal with regulation later down the line rather than a regulated broker that fails to create a good trading environment. Based on our experiences, there is no reason to fear fraud, as our funds were always kept safe, and we could access them at any point without a single hick-up.

Variety of Payment Methods

Basically, all popular payment methods are supported. Infinity Capital offers you a choice between Credit Cards, Bank Wire Transfers and Bitcoin transfers. One thing to keep in mind is the waiting times. While deposits are pretty much instant, the withdrawal process may feel different for some people. This, however, seems to have nothing to do with Infinity Capital. The issues seem to lie within banks and their policies. While some will wait as little as 5 minutes to have their funds transferred to their account, some can wait as long as 3 days. The best thing we could recommend is to check with your bank provider beforehand to make sure you know what you are getting into. If you already have an eWallet, then you should definitely use Bitcoin transfer since it is effortless and speedy.



Despite being sceptical at first, we were pleasantly surprised with what we experienced with Infinity Capital. Despite some minor flaws, they managed to pull us in with their good trading conditions. If the absence of regulation doesn’t sound like a deal breaker, you should definitely give Infinity Capital a chance. Every other aspect is as flawless as it gets in the online trading industry. Based on everything, we give Infinity Capital our full-hearted recommendation.