Venturing into the world of Forex trading can be quite overwhelming, considering the amount of information and data that flows through the market every single day. It’s a challenge for professional traders, but for total beginners, it can seem impossible. That’s why more and more online Forex education platforms are emerging. Choosing the best learning platform can be quite hard.

How do you make the best choice among so many options? A lot of platforms offer the same thing; however, you will rarely come across a comprehensive and detailed learning website. Fortunately, we’ve come across one that checks all the boxes and offers only the unmatched quality of education materials.

We’re about to dive into the review of, the all-inclusive learning platform. The reason why we find it so great is because of the wide variety of learning materials and tools at your disposal. There are different levels of courses, allowing everyone, no matter the level of knowledge they’re on to upgrade their skills.

The Path to Great Trading Is through Learning

Learning and improving your knowledge is always a benefit, especially in the trading business. Not only will you upgrade yourself, but you will also get a diploma as proof of your expertise. That’s just a reason more to start enrolling in courses and getting a certificate of completion. So, what learning packages can you find on their website?

First of all, make sure to use their special option and check your knowledge through a test that will give you an insight into the level of knowledge you’re on. This is super helpful for people who are not exactly beginners but are unsure of which course is the best fit for them.

Once you get your results, it’s time to enroll in the course which is suitable for your level of knowledge. If you are a total newbie, the Starter course is a great starting point where you can find all the essential learning materials. The price for this package is 249 EUR and it includes 3 introduction courses, market news, 1 eBook, live signals, and of course, fundamentals of trading.

If you are a trader that’s just starting in the Forex market and knows the basics, the Advanced course is designed for you. Offering a bit more than the Starter, it’s perfect for upgrading your initial knowledge and really getting into the ins and outs of online trading education. What the Advanced course offers is 3 eBooks, 2 advanced courses, and 5 introductory ones. You can also get access to market news, live signals, and an economic calendar. The cost of this package is 490 EUR.

The most sought-after courses are Pro and Alpha, tailored especially for traders who have a bit more knowledge and experience. The Pro package, which is by far the most popular, includes everything from the Advanced course, with 5 eBooks and full access to introductory courses in addition.

For more seasoned traders who wish to become the best in the game, the most valued course is certainly the Alpha, where you have full access to everything included in the previous packages, and more. Once you enroll in the course, you can expect to learn from unlimited online Forex education materials. Get the Pro course for the price of 890 EUR and the Alpha one for 1050 EUR.

Make Your Knowledge Legit with a Diploma

Not only does has a wide variety of different packages and learning tools, but there’s also an icing on the cake — after you’ve successfully finished the courses, you can certify your knowledge with a diploma that Bitworms issues for their clients. This is a big deal since it can prove that you indeed possess all the skills you’ve acquired while participating in this online trading education.

Is a Scam?

Considering the extensive research we’ve performed while reviewing Bitworms, we can safely say that their learning platform is top-notch. Not only do they offer courses for different knowledge levels, but you can also get a diploma proving you’ve graduated. It’s a great asset to your career, whether you are a professional trader or a newbie in the field. Use this opportunity to up your trading game and learn from the best.