Quality of Service

After all those positive comments we found, our expectations for Green Tower Investment service quality are very high. We expect to see a lot of educational material, great trading conditions and an optimised platform. Otherwise, there is not a single chance we could recommend this broker. So, fingers are crossed that Green Tower Investments offers high-quality service.

Let’s start with education because this is the best way to see if you will be able to improve your knowledge and skills while trading with this broker. Each visitor gets a chance to learn something new here. There is an eBook section that contains material for both professionals and beginners and you can read all of that even if you do not have an account. There are different eBooks, from beginner’s strategies to advanced technical analysis and all of them are at your disposal.

For people who decide to open an account, there is additional education. You can access the webinars, have personalised coaching and listen to video lessons. Everything is provided and you will be able to improve your skills in no time.

Now it’s time to see what account types this broker has to offer because trading conditions are one of the most important parts of every service. Whoever decides to open an account at Green Tower Investments, will have four options. The first account is Basic and the minimum deposit requirement of 250 EUR. This account allows you to trade with every asset, you will have a market review and leverage up to 1:100, but that’s it. It’s the most basic option that will be enough if this is your first time trading.

The next account is Silver with a deposit requirement of 10,000 EUR. There is also a Gold account, and you need to deposit 25,000 EUR in that case, as well as the Platinum one that requires 100,000 EUR. Of course, depending on the account trading conditions are different, but overall, all of them have an excellent offer. They include a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, lucrative spreads, excellent leverage, trade room analysis, financial and risk management planning, webinars, etc.

The last option is VIP, and this is an invitation-only account. It means that you need to be a Green Tower Investments client to gain access to a VIP account. Of course, possibilities with this account are endless, from prioritized withdrawals to complete access to everything. Everything is custom-tailored for you and you will be able to enjoy every single benefit that Green Tower Investments offers.


Lastly, we have one more thing to review in this part and it is a trading platform. After all, this is a place where you will be spending all of your time and it has to be impeccable. The first, and most obvious thing about this platform is the design. It’s simple and clean, but it has all the important details that are crucial for trading. So, we can say this trading platform is completely practical and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

The left part makes things easier when it comes to account management because you don’t have to leave the page at all. From there, you can make deposits, request withdrawals and manage the whole account. In the middle, you will find all asset classes as well as the list of tradable assets. Once you select the asset you want, a chart will appear, and it will have every detail and trading tool. We can say that you won’t miss a single thing here.

Overall, this platform is easy to navigate and most importantly, it works on every device. It doesn’t require any additional knowledge, you will be able to go through it without assistance, even if it is your first time trading. So, we can only tell that Green Tower Investments knows how to provide a good service.


Speed of Response

There are just a few things we ask when it comes to supporting — responsiveness, knowledgeable agents and someone who will be available at least 5 days a week. The third part is fulfilled, so now we have to see what will happen with the first and the second requirement.

There are four different methods and you can use online form, email, chat and phone lines (for Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada). We know that the Live Chat option is the fastest method to receive a reply, but we wanted to check the email this time, to see if they are equally responsive.

We sent our message within the working hours and a reply came within an hour. Someone took time to explain everything, an answer had every detail and there was no need to ask additional questions. So, we can conclude that the customer service is as good as the previous parts that we reviewed.


Transaction Speed

We will be short here because there are not many things to be said. Deposits are instant, as soon as you press the button money will be in your account. With withdrawals, things are different, because each account has different withdrawal prioritization. Also, there is an identity verification before each withdrawal, and that will take some time.


To find a broker that charges a small commission is a difficult task. Today, we had success and managed to find one that will charge only 1% as a withdrawal fee, which is quite unusual. But not only that, other fees this broker has are equally low and the best thing of all, they are all visible on the website and you won’t have to worry that there is something hidden. You can just read the Terms and Conditions page and you will be familiarized with everything.


Regulation is an important part of the Forex market, but if you find a broker that offers excellent service, you don’t have to step back only due to the lack of a license. There are many licensed brokers who won’t offer half of those things that Green Tower Investments offers, so if you were wondering what to do, we advise you to open an account here. Our experience is nothing but positive.

Variety of Payment Options

Each person who opens an account at Green Tower Investments will have three options for deposit — Credit Card, Bank Transfer, and eWallet. There are no special requirements or fees for deposit, so you can choose the method that you find the most suitable. The process is simple, it will take just a few moments and as soon as the money is in your account, you can start trading.

There is one requirement, though. You will have to use the same method for both deposits and withdrawals, so keep that in mind when you are making a decision.