Golden Gate is an established Forex broker whose goal is to work on the service continuously, improve quality, and adapt to its client’s needs. This is an amazing statement and I would be thrilled if it turns out to be true.

There is one thing I am afraid of. Usually, when a broker has so many claims on the website, it ends up disappointing. That said, I won’t have high expectations at the beginning and who knows, maybe once I finish this Golden Gate review, we will all end up pleasantly surprised by the offer and the service quality.

The first thing I wanted to see today is account types. It’s important to provide diversity to clients since all of us have different needs. Apparently, people at Golden Gate understand that each person has a different trading appetite and that’s why they created several account types, based on the level of experience.

The main difference between those accounts is the minimum deposit requirement. You can choose from the smallest one, where you need to deposit the bare minimum or you can go with the premium membership that requires more investment, but in return, you get many benefits.

There are a few things that you get within each account. For example, more than 200 tradable assets are at your disposal. Also, you will receive daily market reviews and significant leverage (it can go from 1:100 to 1:400). But if you choose one of the bigger accounts and decide to deposit more, you can count on bonus funds, a dedicated senior account manager, financial planning, risk management planning, webinars, and prioritized withdrawal processes.

To be fair, the first thing I saw about this broker is more than I expected. Yes, I wanted to see different account types, but I couldn’t imagine that the trading conditions would be that good. So, I am more than satisfied to move on to the trading platform and see if it’s worth it.


Quality of Service

When I talk about service quality, I need to mention everything. From trading platform to education. All those things combined make one good trader. Golden Gate offers a web-based trading platform. You might be surprised with it, but I’ll tell you straight away, it’s user-friendly and it won’t give you hard times with navigation. The only thing you need is a good Internet connection and that’s it.

The design is excellent, it doesn’t have too many details, but you will still find everything you need. It’s divided into three parts which make the navigation easier. The left side is for your account (details like deposit, closed position, account settings, support, etc.), the middle part is reserved for tradable assets (Stocks, Indices, Crypto Pairs, Commodities, Currencies) and the biggest part of the screen is for a chart that has all information about a specific asset you chose (leverage, trading hours, maximum trade size, maintenance margin). Also, there are Frequently Asked Questions and you can find every single detail about the platform there. So, even if you don’t find some information when you are at the trading platform page, they will explain it to you.

Once again, I am pleasantly surprised. This broker doesn’t offer traditional solutions and they did a brave thing to implement a unique platform that will be such a refreshment to all traders.

Now you know that Golden Gate has excellent trading conditions and an even better platform. But one thing is missing — education. This review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t spend some time inspecting all the informative articles and eBooks this broker has to offer.

For starters, each client will get some level of education. Of course, that depends on the account type you choose but rest assured that even if you go with the smallest one, you can count on eBooks, video lessons, and market reviews that will help you make better trading decisions.

There is a separate space in the main menu, dedicated to the Education Center. If you go there, you can find different sections from Glossary (it has the most important Forex terms), Asset Index (all information about tradable assets will be there), FAQ, and eBooks. You will be able to learn everything, from trading and capital management to basic things like how to trade CFDs and how to create a perfect strategy.

From everything we have seen, it’s more than clear that Golden Gate provides excellent service quality. Now I can say without any hesitation, all my concerns from the beginning were unnecessary. This broker does fulfill its promises and adapts everything to the needs of the clients.


Speed of Response

One of the most important parts of the business in general is customer support. Each company has to form a team of educated people who can give fast and informative replies. So, let’s find out if Golden Gate did that.

Each client has four different methods and it’s totally up to you to choose the one you want. If you like to talk to someone in person, use the phone line, and call them. If you want to explain everything in a message there is an option for email, online form, and Live Chat.

If you go with an online form, you have to choose the right department (customer support, trading platform assistance, general feedback, or compliance) before you send a message. This is a clever idea because it speeds up the whole process and you will receive an answer much faster.

I decided to try that form and see when I will get an email. A reply came the same day and it contained full instructions, so I didn’t have a need to ask for more details which is great. I also have to say that the representative who replied was very polite and it’s more than obvious that Golden Gate takes good care of its customers. You can count on support anytime.

Transaction Speed

When it comes to processing time, deposits are instant which is great. Of course, withdrawals take some time and that mainly depends on the account you have. We mentioned at the beginning that each account has a different withdrawal process. Usually, it takes from seven to ten business days because you need to go through the identity verification process.

Yes, verification slows down everything, but it’s implemented for clients’ safety, so I don’t mind it at all. Golden Gate did everything to prevent fraud so you can know that the funds are safe.


The best thing about this broker is a fact that everything is transparent. You won’t have a problem with hidden fees, all information is on the website and the only thing you need to do is visit the Terms and Conditions page.

I checked everything and let me tell you, Golden Gate does not charge a lot. Of course, there are some usual fees such as withdrawal or inactivity, but that’s expected. So, no negative surprises if you open an account and start trading.


Golden Gate still doesn’t have a license but that doesn’t mean you should eliminate it as a possibility. In fact, it offers much better conditions than other brokers with a license. So, if regulation is worrying you, I have to say there is no reason to have second thoughts.

There are so many things that come before regulation. Safety of funds, education and growth, constant support, etc. We already saw that Golden Gate provides all of that, which means this is an honest and transparent broker that will adapt its service and put the needs of traders in the first place.

Variety of Payment Methods

Funds can be deposited with Credit Card payment, Bank Transfer or eWallet. There are no deposit fees, so you can choose the method that you prefer without worrying about commissions. The whole process is simple, you need to be logged in to your trading account. Once you go to the trading platform, you’ll see the deposit button on the left side.

As you can see, Golden Gate created a simplified method and the only requirement is to withdraw funds using the same method you used for the deposit.


The Bottom Line

There aren’t many things left for me to say. In this Golden Gate review we have seen this broker is a trustworthy one and if you decide to open an account, you will have a possibility to learn new things and start trading in amazing conditions.