Genius Investment Group promises trading services to every person, even the one that hasn’t spent a single day on trading so far. This broker plans to provide excellent conditions and an even better platform that will help you reach your goal and improve your knowledge and trading skills. To us, this is more than enough to gain interest in a broker, so without further ado, let’s continue with this Genius Investment Group review, to see if you can really start trading here without any experience.


Quality of Service

There are three crucial things that make a broker stand out from the crowd — innovative trading platform, good education and even better trading conditions. Without those three things, you can hardly make any success and there is no point in opening an account there. That’s the only reason why we include the quality of service in our reviews. There isn’t a better way to see how a broker runs its business than to compare everything it offers.

In this review, we will start with education because this part really surprised us. Actually, we were surprised by the fact that Genius Investment Group offers free education to everyone. Just to be clear, we are not talking about highest-level education, but this broker provided eBooks that are available to every visitor. So, even if you do not open an account here, make sure to read those books and learn more about the strategies, analysis and many other things. The highest-level education is reserved for clients who opened an account here, and if you do that, you can count on webinars and personalized coaching. The amount of webinars depends on the account, though, but nevertheless, they are very concise and interesting to watch.

As you can see, the education section is very professional and we could tell that a team of experienced traders stand behind this broker. So, now we expect nothing but a great platform that will give us every possible tool and make trading much easier. If you are a fan of MetaTrader, you might be disappointed at first. But, no need to worry, although this broker doesn’t provide MT, this web-based solution is even better, if you ask us. It’s intuitive, you don’t need previous experience and the best thing of all, you won’t need any help to navigate through it. There are three main sections that will be equally important to you. The first is for account management, so you don’t have to leave the page if you wish to deposit or withdraw funds. The second is for tradable assets. There is a complete list and all of them are divided into classes. You just have to select the class you want, and the list of assets that belong there will appear. Lastly, we have a chat with all those tools and you can customise it to make it suitable for you. Overall, this part completely fulfilled our expectations and now we can finally see what trading conditions Genius Investment Group offers.


The last part of the service is account types. We need to see if these brokers offer a decent selection and trust us when we say, we were slightly shocked to see the offer. There are six accounts, which means there is not a single chance that you cannot find something for yourself. The Amateur account is the first one and we don’t think it requires any additional information. The name itself said everything and the only thing we can add is that the minimum deposit requirement is $250. So, if you are stepping into the Forex world now, Genius Investment Group has a perfect solution for you. After that, we have Silver, Gold, Marble and Diamond accounts and all of them have different deposit requirements and offer different trading conditions. For example, the Silver account has a requirement of $5,000 and with Diamond, that requirement is $50,000. But, you will have different amounts of qualified signals, no maintenance fee, crypto arbitrage rate access, and many other things. The last option is Platinum and that is the highest account this broker has to offer. If you go with that one, you can count on nothing but the best possibilities, starting from the customized crypto package to private educational sessions with third parties.

Speed of Response

Responsive and polite support is a mandatory thing with every broker. If that is not provided, we could not recommend you to open an account at that place. We are not saying that you need to reach out to them every day, but having someone to guide you once things don’t go smoothly is important.

Genius Investment Group understands that and that’s why you can find multiple ways for contact at the website. Phone lines, email, online form and Live Chat, everything is at your disposal and if you send a message within the working hours, you can count on a fast reply.

According to our experience, agents that work here are polite and full of knowledge. They helped us two times with different things and showed excellent performance. So, if you need anything don’t hesitate to reach out to them. We had an amazing experience.


Transaction Speed

In this part, we will be very short since there are just two things that we have to mention. Deposits are instant and it doesn’t matter which method you choose. On the other hand, withdrawals take some time (from seven to ten business days). This time depends mainly on Identity Verification. Before each withdrawal, you will have to send documents that prove it’s really you behind that account and as soon as you do that, they will verify everything and proceed with your request. So, the sooner you prepare those documents, the faster you will receive money.


The list of fees that you have to pay is not so long this time. There is a withdrawal fee, but it’s just 1% upon each withdrawal, which is great. Also, there are a few others but you can see all of them if you visit Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation Policy. The most important thing is that you won’t have to worry about hidden fees because this broker has everything on the website. The only thing you have to do is read that and there won’t be any negative surprises.


We could go on and on about this part, but this time we will try to be fast and direct. At Genius Investment Group, security is on the highest levels. You need to go through multiple safety procedures and that’s why we are certain that this broker will do its best to protect your accounts from any fraud.

Variety of Payment Options

Our impressions about Genius Investment Group are nothing but positive. That said, the only thing left to do is to conclude that we do recommend you to open an account here. If you do that, you can deposit money using one of three methods: Credit Card, Bank Wire and Bitcoin Transfer. As we already said, deposits are instant no matter the method so it’s only up to you to choose the option you like.