Fx On Us has set its sights on being the number one broker company for all your trading dreams. Therefore, they offer one of the widest selections of stocks, currency pairs, commodities and other assets for your portfolio. However, many allegations over the years have shown that this broker is far from reliable or accurate. The clients around the globe have had issues with Fx On Us team and their poor business practices, including very slow processing times and inexplicable fees on certain transactions.

Furthermore, we created this Fx On Us review to show you how easy it is to get deceived by a trading broker. We hope this article helps you learn how to detect these types of scamming activities, so you can make a meaningful and useful trading decision for your future. Let’s begin!

Quality of Service

Our overall impression of Fx On Us is that it has quite poor quality trading platform, which is a real shame. They claim that it is MT4 which is an industry leader. However, it takes forever to load to the point where you lose all interest and wish to give up entirely. The website shows that you will have the ability to trade with close to 500 different assets, with the leverage of 500:1, suitably. However, this leverage seems unlikely when you consider the industry standard in this area, which is just 1:30.

The platform is also somewhat difficult to use, especially if you are a first-timer. This is a huge downside, since there is much clutter and unnecessary information. On the other hand, some key facts that they clients could find useful are missing entirely.

Speed of Response

Fx On Us customer support team seems to be missing the point of their service. Let us explain. There are many clients out there that have reported invasive and impatient behaviour that they have experienced when they came in touch with the Fx On Us agents. Namely, some of them were even relentlessly pursued, offered the latest bonuses and promotions until they caved. This is not the job of the customer support agents at all!

If you happen to have a problem with this, you could try contacting them through many different channels including e-mail and telephone number. However, our experience has shown that they take forever to reply if ever, and their responses are often misleading or missing important information.

Transaction Speed

The speed of processing your transaction requests is one of the crucial turning points for many clients that trade with Fx On Us. Namely, the processing times seem to be the same for different payment methods. This is quite strange, since you cannot possibly expect from a credit card and an e-wallet, for example, to take an equal amount of time to get this done, right?

fxonus review


The great thing about this section of Fx On Us is that there are no hidden fees or unnecessary commissions. Just the opposite! As you can see from the picture in the previous passage, all of your transactions will come with no fees whatsoever, no matter the amount you choose to deposit or withdraw.


Fx On Us is an unregulated company that has a lot of information missing about it. Namely, the only thing we could find out for certain about it is that it is based in Marshall Islands, which is a popular spot for off-shore brokerages that tend to bend the rules once in a while in order to get ahead. In the process, however, they are also disregarding important benefits that you could use to your advantage.

Variety of Payment Options

Fx On Us provides a quite versatile selection of banking options for your deposits and withdrawals. First, there are the standard ones, which include bank wire transfer and credit cards. Also, you can use Neteller or Skrill, which are simple and efficient to use. Lastly, there is a Bitcoin payment option, which is one of the safest and fastest ones known in the trading industry.

fxonus review