Today, we are shifting our focus on an Australian-based forex signal provider. These types of companies cover a significantly smaller markets size than a traditional broker, but their role is almost as equally important. In this Forex Profita review, we aim to find out if the site’s operations are legit, and whether traders can actually follow these signals. It can be difficult to trust all the marketing lingo without first seeing some evidence that this provider is actually delivering usable information.

Quality of service

When you first load Forex Profita homepage, you are greeted by the usual marketing spiel declaring how this company is able to fulfil your financial dreams. Upon noticing a couple of grammatical errors and getting lost in their menus and sub-menus, we were left questioning their professionalism. Navigating the site can be a nightmare if you don’t know exactly where you should be looking. This is a reoccurring theme, as we have noticed several times that this company is intended only for those who have experience in buying forex signals. Beginners will have a hard time on Forex Profita.

Speed of response

Let’s address the good thing first. If you want to reach out to Forex Profita representatives, you have plenty of options. If you want a quick reply, you should Skype them or use one of the Live-chat options such as WhatsApp or Telegram. We always got a quick response, but we would like to see a more professional support team. Some of our questions were left unattended. Alternatively, you can write an email, or directly phone them if you are living outside of Australia.

Like we already mentioned, the bad thing about Forex Profita’s support system is the competence of their staff. While they were polite most of the time, there is no denying that they lack some technical skills that are essential for this kind of work.

Transaction Speed

Regardless of what account tier you choose, you are promised to receive your signals on a daily level, and this is that Forex Profita delivers on. The main issue is that there are no specified times, as according to their website, you receive signals as opportunities appear on the market. This type of inconsistency can prove to be troublesome for some even though it makes economic sense.


Forex Profita has created 4 distinct account tier that should appeal to different types of traders. While most perks persist through all account types, the biggest selling point is the amount of signals traders receive every day. The Trial account starts at $30 per week, Standard is $100 per month, Business is #250 for 3 months and the professional Is $400 for 6 months. Above-mentioned perks include entries, SL and TP placement, instant mobile alerts, professional signal managers and more.


While Forex Profita isn’t regulated by any type of government body, traders generally feel comfortable working with Australian-based companies due to their laws that practically discourage scammers. This being said, all traders should trade at their own risk.

Variety of Payment Methods

Even though Forex Profita deals with a small market niche, they offer plenty of payment options regardless of whether you prefer using banks or e-wallets. You can choose from Master Cards, Skrill, PM, DIDSBURY, WebMoney and Neteller. Withdrawal times will heavily depend on your preferred method. While requests are processed in a couple of hours, if you are using credit cards, you could end up waiting up to several working days due to your bank regulations. Most eWallets solutions offer instant transfers from and to your account.


At the end of our Forex Profita review, we are left with mixed feelings. While this company focuses on providing forex signals and little more, there are still a few things that we feel need dire improvement. Their support team needs to be properly educated before they can actually help someone. Additionally, acquiring a license will attract many inexperienced traders who have no desire to gamble with their money. As we see these things improve, their customer base will undoubtedly grow.