If you are interested in Forex trading, there is one thing you have to know. Education is the most important factor here. Without it, you cannot make proper decisions or improve your skills. That’s exactly why you have to find a good website that provides Forex education, just as College for Trading.


Quality of Service

This is a website that provides education for everyone. From beginners to professional traders. You will find so much educational material and webinars, to help you in your future trading. Here, you will find different courses and plans. Actually, there is one thing that surprised us the most — you can sign-up for free and finish some courses completely free of charge. This is an excellent way to see if this type of learning is the right one for you.

However, if you are interested in more learning material you can choose a plan that suits your trading appetite the most. There are four plans and the first one is free. If you choose it, you will have one introduction course, one eBook and one market research. For us, this is an amazing deal, but we are eager to find out what you can get if you choose other plans.

The bronze plan is the least expensive one and it costs only $250. For that amount of money, you will have five introduction courses, one in-depth course, four eBooks and three market research. Not bad at all, but if you ask us, we advise you to choose higher plans since you can get much more. For example, there is a Gold account that costs $450 and a VIP with a price of $500. Needless to say, our favourite one is VIP, since the price difference is very low and you get much more material (5 introduction courses, 9 in-depth courses, 11 eBooks and 6 market research).

Even though we have a lot of experience in the market, we found these courses very helpful and educational. There are a lot of new things we found out and most importantly, we had a lot of fun while learning.

Overall, we are more than satisfied with all those plans. You will have excellent education and the prices are great. If there is one thing you should invest in, it’s your knowledge and that’s something that you should always keep in mind. Also, there is no need to pressure yourself to finish those courses immediately, since you have a period of 12 months to do that.


Speed of Response

When it comes to educational websites, usually you won’t require assistance. But of course, it is important to know that someone will be there for you if you need help. College for Trading has a customer support centre that is very responsive. You can call them using the phone number that is listed on the website, send an email or use the online form.

Also, the FAQ page contains every important question that you might want to know, so if you have any doubts, check that before you reach out for support. Most likely, you will find an answer there and save yourself the trouble of contacting and waiting for a reply.

We used the online form to ask some basic questions and familiarize ourselves a little bit more with the plans that are offered. An answer came on our email the same day, we found out everything and there is only one thing we can say — this is the only proper way to treat potential clients.


Transaction Speed

As we expected, there are no problems with transactions here. College for Trading is a professional website that won’t allow any errors when it comes to this part, so you can count on fast transactions.

As soon as you choose the desired plan and make a payment, you will be able to start with courses. The whole process is easy, you just have to click on the plan you want and click on buy course. Everything is simplified and we assure you, you won’t require any assistance at all.


It’s not hard to conclude that our expectations are fulfilled. Everything that we needed to see was there and we can tell you one thing. College for Trading will help you gain a lot of knowledge and improve your skills. So, there is no need for second thoughts, since you can benefit a lot from it.