If you are looking for a new FX educational website, CFT22 has a lot of things to offer. This is a well-known name in the Forex industry and judging by the comments online, they have so many satisfied clients. That’s more than enough for us to gain interest and see whether CFT really deserves that attention or not. So, today you will find out if all those plans this website offers are good for you or not.


College for Trading Plans

At CFT you will have different learning plans to choose from according to your trading experience. Each one of them costs different and if you are a beginner, we advise you to check the smallest account named Bronze and it costs 248 EUR. Of course, this plan does not include a lot of eBooks and lessons, but it will give you enough for a perfect start.

Here, you will have five introduction courses, one in-depth course, four eBooks, and three market research. So, if FX education is something new to you, this is more than enough.

If you already have experience, you can definitely skip the Bronze plan and move straight to the Gold or VIP that provides more eBooks, courses, market research but also video lessons, daily analyst and asset trends, trading psychology, trading terms, etc.

Apparently, people from College for Trading included everything and there is not a single person that won’t find something suitable for themselves. Our personal favourite is the VIP plan, since it offers so many things, but if you are just starting, stick to the Bronze one.


Is CFT a Scam?

We feel a need to cover this part, since a lot of people are afraid when they see a website that has so many positive reviews. To clear any misunderstandings straightaway, we will tell you it’s not. College for Trading is a legitimate website that has online Forex education for everyone.

So, let’s move on to the website itself and see if it’s optimised or not. First of all, everything is done in a very simple way, so you can navigate through it without any problem. For us, that is important since we hate waste of time. If there is a plan that we want to see, we want to find it within a few seconds.

When you need to create an account, you will be able to do it in just a few clicks. So, not only is this not a scam website, but someone dedicated a lot of time to make it work properly.


Does CFT22 Offer any Assistance?

For any assistance that you might need, there is a support center. There is a possibility to call them using the phone number that is listed, to send an email, use an online form on the website or send a message via Live Chat.

Our favourite method is Live Chat, because it’s such a simple way of communication, but this time we wanted to see if the online form works just as good as Live Chat. First of all, you just have to fill in personal details and email, that’s all. Type the message that you have and send it. If you do that within the working hours, you can expect a reply to the email that you left very soon.

We received all the answers in less than an hour, which is excellent. So, if you need any help with choosing the right plan, you can be sure that someone will help you without any hesitation.



This is the time to give our final thoughts about College for Trading. A website like this is definitely worthy of your attention, so if you are looking for someone who can give you great educational plans and support, this is the right place.

The account opening process is quite simple and you can do it in just a few steps. That said, we think CFT22 is the right place for everyone who wants to learn a lot about FX trading. So, to sum up this College for Trading review, this is an excellent and most important legitimate place that will give you the knowledge to continue with your trading journey.