I’ve been trading for 2 years. After a couple of months learning about the market, you’ll notice that there’s no such thing as ‘a strategy’ or ‘the best stock to trade’. We all have different reasons to be in the market; some people want to make money, some enjoy researching and watching trends. There are also those that just like gambling and seeing what happens! So, it’s important to first identify WHY YOU ARE TRADING before chasing any strategy – this will help you reach your goal faster. Continue reading this CFDAdvanced review to know more about it.

As we’re never taught how to trade during high school/college/university (if you went) or at home, there is a lot of foundational information that you need to learn before you can even begin trading. Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution; everyone’s starting point will be different. So let me help you get started!

There are two main things that I look at when trying to assess if a product (or company) is any good – the first one is customer service and the second is the platform/the back end infrastructure of said product or company. I am not going to go into too much detail about trying to assess whether an asset, account type or payment method is suitable for your requirements as these components are always subjective – this comes with experience and/or trial & error!

Now, onto my CFDAdvanced review.


First of all, I like the name – it ‘sounds’ legit and is memorable (which is half the battle when it comes to marketing)! The whole idea behind CFDAdvanced was that it is meant to be an advanced form of trading and more in depth than some other platforms; hence the catchy name. It boasts a wide range of assets and account types so there will definitely be something for everyone here! And most importantly… don’t listen to what people say about this platform online!

In the CFDAdvanced review, I will be talking about the mains thing that any trader should look for in any platform.

First of let’s start with Customer service.


Customer Service:

Customer service has been nothing but professional, responsive and helpful. If ever I had any questions or queries they would be answered promptly with sufficient information. The platform itself is very interactive – similar to some high end financial trading platforms that are used by banks/ institutions! No more trading on a basic Excel spreadsheet that others use. Unfortunately at this point, there are not too many assets available but I would point out one important thing in my CFDAdvanced review that this platform is constantly updating its services which means new assets are added all the time so keep your eyes peeled.

Aside from these two points, I haven’t encountered anything particularly outstanding about CFDAdvanced. It is a new platform on the market and filling a gap that was left open for so long – so there’s not much to compare it too! All in all, if you are looking for an innovative trading platform with great customer service this could be your chance to experience it in actual.

The platform has phone numbers for people who want/need more immediate assistance with issues or questions. There also seems to be live chat & email support depending on what time you log in – which was helpful when I needed some guidance after registering for an account etc… Most companies’ offer 24/7 customer service so this isn’t anything special but it’s definitely nice having options available.

Now, on to the next topic of my CFDAdvanced review and that is; Trading Platform…


Trading Platform:

CFDAdvanced trading platform was really easy to use. This is a major plus point as most people do not want to spend hours learning how to navigate around the software just so they can open an account. When you log into your CFDAdvanced account there’s no doubt that it looks professional – everything works well and has been thought out properly!

I like the way they have to put as much information as possible on the platform but have also kept it quite elegant and not too crowded. It is easy to navigate and almost every information is available just few clicks away.

I want to mention in this CFDAdvanced review that the platform has 3 different dialects to choose from which is nice but I would love some more options so that other clients can easily choose a dialect that fits their needs. Even if it is just adding another language for Arabic/ Japanese etc…

There are many options available on CFDAdvanced, you can easily create alerts and set reminders to look out for certain opportunities. This is great as everyone has different preferences when it comes to trading – some people want to be notified by email or phone call while others would rather have the alert pop up on the system so they can take action right away! The choice is really yours which I think is fantastic!!


Fees and Charges:

I want my readers to know in this CFDAdvanced review about a two and ten structure, also known as a 2-and-20 compensation model is widely used in the hedge fund industry. A management fee of 2% on all assets under management ensures that funds are available to cover operational costs while 10% performance fees ensure that managers have an incentive to perform well or face significant penalties if they fail.

So, the 2% fee is charged on assets under management regardless of its performance. This sounds like a pretty standard practice among fund managers nowadays. However, it’s different for the 10%. That only gets charged when there are profits made by investments managed within that fund – so investors can practically expect to see some kind of return from their investment in this case too!

There are four type’s fees that can be charged and more detail them is mentioned on the webpage. But I would like to mention a few of them in my CFDAdvanced review:

-Overnight Funding

-Currency Conversion Fee

-Guaranteed Stop Order

-Inactivity fee

CFDAdvanced offers their services to customers free of charge, and they are upfront with the fees when there is a fee. Their compensation comes from our Bid/Ask spreads being tight in comparison to other companies (based on internal monitoring).


Trading Chart and Tools:

When you land on their webpage, there’s a section named “Trading floor” in the menu bar. Upon clicking you will be direct straight to the trading chart. What I like the most is that any user can check this chart out before joining them. I think that quite nice, because this the page where you will be spending most of you time so it’s very important to see whether you like trading chart or not.

Another thing that caught my eye and I want to mention on CFDAdvanced review was the light background for the chart. I personally like it. It makes easy to read the prices and the content. In fact if you look at the right top corner, there’s an icon which gives you the option to choose from light to dark mode. I think that quite impressive since most of the platform don’t take this thing in consideration and it’s quite helpful for traders.

Once you are at the trading chart you can also see all the tools available. One of my favorite part about CFDAdvanced is that they have an option to select different periods for each time frame. This gives traders the opportunity to compare charts for different periods which is perfect.

You can also change time frame by clicking on certain bars in the chart itself, it gives instant view according to selected period so it’s always easy to switch if needed! And I hope all of this that I am mentioning in this CFDAdvanced review is going to help you, hopefully.

Educational Centre:

The platform is packed with all the relevant information for their users to be fully informed about the CFD trading. CFDAdvanced offers more than 10 chapters that touch different topics of trading and the concepts behind it.

Each chapter is composed of a lot of information, from beginner topics to advance. It also covers on the basics about financial markets which I think it’s good for new users who want to join them and learn more before starting with trading.


As you can see they have a nice structure that ensures all their topics are properly presented in an easy way! However, what I didn’t like is that we cannot download these chapters. Also, there are no video tutorials as well.


Before joining them and writing this CFDAdvanced review, I did my research and checked what people were saying about their trading experience. Most of them were talking good about trading with this company so I decided to give it a chance. What I saw was very impressive and the platform seems well-designed which is rare nowadays! CFDAdvanced offers many assets and the variety is remarkable since they even have some commodities at their offer.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.