If you are looking for a broker that will provide you access to over 200 tradable assets and a powerful trading platform, Blueprint Capital can be an excellent option. It’s been quite some time since we opened an account here and now that we inspected every part of the service, it’s time to tell you our impressions. So, fasten your seatbelt, we are starting.


Quality of Service

In this part of the review, we want to talk about three things: trading platform, education and accounts. All of them are equally important because they do have a big effect on your trading. For example, if there isn’t any educational material, you won’t be able to improve your skills and trade better. On the other hand, if a broker provides impeccable education, but the trading conditions are bad, nobody will open an account there. That’s exactly why it is so important to make a perfect balance between those three things.

Why don’t we start with the trading platform, to see if Blueprint Capital is a broker who likes to stick with the basics solutions, or we can expect some innovations. This platform is not a usual one, you won’t be able to download MetaTrader, instead, there is a web-based option that works on every device. It’s innovative and modern. Most definitely unique, so we can tell from the beginning that Blueprint Capital likes to add innovations to the trading world. The platform is fully customisable, you can arrange every detail according to your preferences and there are all important tools that you need for trading. We spent a lot of time on this platform and our impressions were nothing but positive. There are no interruptions, we tried to use it on both mobile and computer and it works great, just as this broker claims. So, the first step of the service quality is successfully finished.

The second step of the service for today would be an account type offer. It’s time to see if Blueprint Capital offers enough accounts to cover every level of experience or not. You can see all of that in the main menu if you go to the Account Type page. There are four of them and the trading conditions that you get are very different from account to account. That makes perfect sense because the Basic account is created for beginners and it won’t provide you with many things, but it has the minimum deposit requirement of just 250 EUR. The Silver account has a higher requirement for a deposit, but it gives you a lot more in return. For example, dedicated senior account manager, financial and risk management planning, special venture promotions, etc. With the Gold account, you will have weekly webinars and better withdrawal prioritization, while the Platinum account offers complete access to everything, from webinars to trade room analysis. Of course, the minimum deposit requirement is different and you will have to add 100,000 EUR to your account to become a Platinum member.


Let’s check the last thing in this part of Blueprint Capital review before we continue with the customer support and other technical things. This broker provided two types of educational material on the website. The first type is available to everyone and it includes eBooks and Glossary that you can read even if you do not have an account. Just to be clear, free eBooks are not a common thing. Usually, brokers provide them but only for the registered users. Well, at Blueprint Capital they are available to each visitor and if you just go to the website, you will be able to read about Basic Technical Analysis, Beginners and Professional Strategies and many other things.

The second part of education is exclusive to the registered users and it has webinars and personalised coaching. Depending on the account you choose, there are different levels of education provided and we have to be honest and say that we enjoyed them all, even though we were already familiar with the majority of those things. But, you can never have too much education.

Speed of Response

Needless to say, customer support is an important part of every broker. If you want to run a business properly, you have to provide support to the clients in case something goes wrong. From what we saw, chances are low that something will go wrong at Blueprint Capital, but if it does you can count on support that is available five days a week.

There are multiple methods for contact, from the online form to Live Chat and phone lines, so it’s up to you to choose the option you prefer. Of course, Live Chat is the option that gives the fastest reply so if you want a fast response, we advise you to send a message there. We did that exactly (within the working hours) and we received a message instantly. So, they are fast and knowledgeable and you can count on help anytime. Whether you have some basic questions about accounts or some more complex ones, it doesn’t matter because people from Blueprint Capital will help you either way.

Transaction Speed

Transaction speed is a part of the service where we can be very short and concise. There is not much to be said except that no matter the method, deposits will be instant. As soon as you press the button, money will be on your account. Withdrawals do take some time, depending on the account you chose and the security steps, but everything will be done within seven to ten business days, which is fast enough. There is an Identity Verification before each withdrawal, which slows down the process for a little bit, but since that is only for the client’s safety, we do not mind it at all.


Usually, we have to put additional focus on this part of the review, but not this time. Blueprint Capital is a transparent broker that has a complete list of commissions on the website. There are no negative surprises and before you even open an account, you can check everything. For example, there is a one percent withdrawal fee that you have to pay each time. This is quite a small amount and that’s great. There are also a few other fees but the complete list is very short, which is surprising.


At Blueprint Capital, regulation should not worry you at all. This broker showed excellent performance and managed to provide great trading conditions, so there is no reason to doubt security because that’s one of the things that’s not lacking here.

Variety of Payment Options

As a payment method, you can use Credit Card, Bank Wire and Bitcoin Transfer. Each of those methods will provide you with instant deposits, so you don’t have to worry about that. There is only one thing that you have to keep in mind. The method you choose for deposit has to be the method you will use for withdrawals. Other than that, there are no requirements.


As you can see, Blueprint Capital is a broker that provides one of the best services in the Forex market and if you are considering whether you should open an account here, we advise you to do so.