Not so long ago, we read a lot of good things about one broker that offers ultra-tight spreads, lightning-fast order execution and next-gen technology. Many people were satisfied, they shared positive experiences and recommended others to open an account here. For us, that was a clear sign that we have to see what exactly Bitteks offers that has gained the attention of so many people.

This broker has a lot of claims, from a powerful yet easy-to-use trading platform to an optimal trading environment that is 100% safe and secure. To be honest, those claims are every trader’s dream and if they turn out to be true, we will be able to recommend Bitteks without any hesitation.

That’s exactly why we will go through every part of the service, to make sure this broker provides an excellent education to every client as well as responsive support and good conditions. Only when we see that we will be able to tell you whether or not you should open an account here.


Quality of Service

The quality of service is a part of the review that includes every segment that is important to traders. From trading platforms and account types to good education. Since we have a lot to discuss here, let’s not waste any more time, we can start with education, to see if Bitteks will make sure to provide you with everything you need to improve your trading skills.

The education segment is located in the main menu and is divided into multiple categories. There is a Glossary, Asset Index, Frequently Asked Questions and the most interesting part for us — eBooks.

The part with eBooks covers material for both beginners and professional traders. If you are a beginner, you can read everything about terms, basic technical analysis, beginners strategies, CFDs and Stocks, etc. If, on the other hand, you already have experience and you learned a lot before, you can skip that and move directly to market analysis, trading market, advanced strategies, advanced technical analysis, etc.

As you can see, the selection is great and we can clearly see that Bitteks wants you to always improve your knowledge and skills. Believe it or not, this is not everything Bitteks offers when it comes to education. All of those things we mentioned are free and every website visitor can read them, you don’t even need an account. But aside from that, as a registered user, you will have more personalized education and webinars. Of course, the amount of webinars depends on the account you have, but each account has something that makes it different.

Now that we mentioned accounts, what may interest you is the fact that Bitteks offers four different account types. You can choose between Silver, Gold, Platinum and VIP and each one of them has something unique. For example, a Basic account won’t have too many possibilities but what makes it different is the minimum deposit requirement that is just 250 EUR. Within the Basic account, you will have the possibility to trade with every asset this broker offers, market review and leverage up to 1:100.

Gold, Platinum and VIP accounts have higher deposit requirements, but they also offer more things. With the Gold account, you have to deposit at least 10,000 EUR and in return, you will have a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, lucrative spreads, leverage up to 1:200, financial planning, risk management planning and special venture promotions. As you can see, this is an excellent offer but if you are still looking for more, Platinum and VIP accounts will provide you with that.

Platinum account has a minimum deposit requirement of 50,000 EUR and here you will have prioritized withdrawals level two, weekly webinars and private analyst sessions, as an addition to everything we mentioned before. The last account is VIP and this is an invitation-only account. This means that you need to be a Bitteks client and if you are not satisfied with the selection of account types, you can upgrade your account to VIP and enjoy the custom-tailored solutions just for you.

As you can see, the quality of service is excellent and we have nothing more to add here. With Bitteks you will have great trading conditions and proper education that will help you make better decisions in the future.


Speed of Response

Nowadays, it’s unnecessary to emphasize how important it is to have proper customer support. Every broker should know that and that’s exactly why we spend so much time trying to see if the customer support centre will be responsive. If not, all those trading conditions and good education would be in vain.

When you visit Bitteks customer support centre, the first thing you will notice are different methods for contact. Each client can choose between Live Chat, online form, phone line and email. According to our experience, Live Chat is the fastest way to receive a reply, but this time we wanted to go with another option. We chose the online form, selected the department and sent our question. An answer came the same day and it contained all the important details that we needed to know. So, the only thing we can say is that Bitteks offers knowledgeable and responsive customer support, which is an excellent addition to overall service.


Transaction Speed

This is the part where we don’t have to spend a lot of time on explanations. Bitteks is a transparent broker and everything is visible on the website. So, we know that deposits are instant and withdrawals last between seven to ten business days, depending on the account you have. This is not a long period of time, since it includes Identity Verification as well.


Since this broker doesn’t hide anything, you can forget about hidden fees. All you need to pay is clearly written on the website and there won’t be any negative surprises. There is a withdrawal fee of 1% (the minimum is 30 USD/GBP/EUR and the maximum is 300 USD/GBP/EUR). There is also a Dormant account fee of 99 USD/GBP/EUR and this one will be deducted from your account only if you don’t use it for 30 consecutive days.

Since this broker has an option for a refund, if you choose it you will have to pay a 1% fee for that. But as you can see, the commission list is very short and that’s not such a usual thing.


Bitteks is not a regulated broker but that’s not something that should worry you. Yes, we know that the Internet is full of warnings about unregulated brokers, but we have to say something about that. If one broker shows impeccable service, we would rather go with that one than with the regulated one that offers bad conditions.

Variety of Payment Options

As a payment method, you can use Credit Card, Bank Wire or Bitcoin transfer. Either way, deposits are instant, so simply choose the one you find the most convenient. But keep in mind one thing, the method you choose for deposit has to be the one you will use for withdrawal.

At the end of this Bitteks review, we can only say one thing — without any hesitation, we can recommend you to open an account and start trading here.