When someone says it provides the world’s leading technology with the best offers for traders, I get a little spark in my eyes. I enjoy discovering new and honest brokers who are ready to dedicate their time to the clients and help them gain new knowledge and skills.

That is the reason I decided to write this Ayrex review and see whether all those claims are true or not. I truly hope that by the end we will have an excellent broker that is worth our time.

ayrex review

Quality of service

As usual, I will start with service quality. It is important to have perfect conditions that will make the whole trading process better. Let’s talk about Account Types now, since that is the first disappointment I faced. You can open an account and trade. There is not an option to choose the account (except Islamic one). Honestly, I didn’t expect that. Usually, there is a selection of at least three accounts, and you can decide which one fits your trading needs the most. In this case, you have to go with the one this broker created.

When it comes to education, I cannot say that section does not exist, but to be honest, it provides so little that it’s practically useless. For example, you can learn What are Binary Options, How to open an account and start trading, and other similar things that are connected to this broker, not real education that will help you improve trading skills.

As the last part of this segment, I want to reflect on the platform. My main concern is the fact that you cannot familiarize yourself with it first before you open an account. So, there isn’t a possibility to see whether this web-platform fits your taste or not. Also, you cannot download the famous MetaTrader. My overall impression with this part is not that good at all, I expected a lot more after the promises this broker made.

Speed of response

Customer support is available from Monday to Friday (7:00 — 23:00 EET), so it’s not constant and you cannot expect to receive an instant reply. Another thing that disappointed me is the fact that someone promises the world’s leading technology and they cannot implement a simple Live Chat on the website. When you go to the Customer Support page, Ayrex wrote you can use Live Chat, but don’t get excited too soon, that Chat doesn’t exist.

Since the only way to reach out to them is to send an email and wait for a reply the speed of response is not good at all.

ayrex review

Transaction speed

There is one interesting thing about Ayrex. Founders don’t find it necessary to provide clients with crucial information such as transaction speed. Later in this Ayrex review, you will see that this is not the first time this broker omits some important things. Potential clients cannot know how long it lasts to receive funds after they make a withdrawal request. If it may take three business days or three months, we have no clue and the worst thing of all, you cannot do anything about that. 


This broker does charge commissions, but you won’t be able to know the amount until you withdraw funds. That’s complete nonsense if you ask me. Each client has a right for one free withdrawal within a calendar month. After that, each withdrawal is charged with a commission based on a processing fee. How much? Well, that’s a (negative) surprise.


Ayrex is not a regulated broker that offers 100 percent secure trading. In most cases, I do not mind the lack of license, but with this broker, I do not feel that money is protected. There is nothing that will provide me with a certain dose of security. On the contrary, there are so many things this broker wrote that turned out to be completely false.

Variety of payment methods

When it comes to payment methods, you cannot count on a wide variety. In fact, the only possibilities are FasaPay, Bitcoin, and UnionPay. Yes, in the FAQ page this broker mentioned Credit Cards, Neteller, and Skrill, too but when you open an account and click on the deposit button, those options won’t be available.

ayrex review

Unfortunately, Ayrex doesn’t provide anything that would be worth your time. There isn’t any leading technology and the selection of trading assets is terrible. This broker promotes Indices (nine of them), Commodities (seven of them), Stocks (64 of them), and Crypto (only Bitcoin) but when you visit Trading Hours page, you will see that every stock is currently closed. The problem is, that “currently closed” is actually permanent, so no matter the time, you won’t be able to trade them.