365 Trading FX is a new trading company on our radar, and for many reasons. For starters, it is equally inviting and welcoming to everyone regardless of the trading experience or background. The only requirement you need to fulfill is that you are based in one of the countries that are listed as approved on the company’s page. Other than that, there are basically no restrictions or limitations when it comes to things that you can achieve while trading with 365 Trading FX.

In all honesty, 365 Trading FX picked probably the worst time in history to start getting into the trading business. First, we all know how difficult life became since the COVID-19 outbreak. Everything started to change rapidly, and that includes the financial markets and their stability. The thing to remember here is that the balance that was once so certain was derailed, and every market participant needed to adjust to the new reality. A big part of this is also building trust among them and staying on course when it comes to the goals you wanted to achieve. Because they don’t change – it’s just that the circumstances have. So, what can you do when things shift so rapidly?

This trading company has a good idea. Namely, this is the brand that is only just getting started in this business, but the things that are ahead are something we will talk about in the future a lot. Names like these are important because they reinstate the trust and reliability of the entire trading environment, and that is not something to take lightly. We will yet hear about the many achievements that 365 Trading FX will make. But for now, let’s dive a bit deeper and show you what the company is all about. Stick with us to learn all about it in this 365 Trading FX review.

Quality of Service

A big part of checking out the quality of service of a trading company to see if it’s reliable and trustworthy is to get acquainted with its trading platform. As for 365 Trading FX, it is safe to say that their team has made sure to include as many diverse features as possible to appeal to their many clients. The platform is interactive and loads instantly, which are probably the two features that are most neglected, yet most important to talk about. Because the trading world waits for no one, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity just because a site wasn’t loading properly, right? So, these are important things to think about.

Then, we should also talk a bit about the trading signals and tools that are available for your use while you trade with this company. These features are crucial for your better understanding of the market, as well as for you to create a solid trading strategy that will make you stand out and earn profits. They are all easy to use and available on the left side of the trading platform outlook. All you need to do is sign up for an account to take full advantage of them. Unfortunately, there is still no demo account option available, which is why we are drawing your attention to this. When you come to the platform as a visitor, you will only have a handful of trading tools at your disposal. However, with a verified account, there is nothing you won’t be able to achieve with 365 Trading FX.


The trading platform is designed quite professionally, but that doesn’t mean that it will be difficult for you to use. Instead, all details that you should learn about this company are available for you to use and try out without any additional requirements. Also, we should note that you can access the platform on any device or operating system. The outlook will be the same, which is important for achieving continuity during trading. You can also customize the platform to fit your needs and visual appeal, which is different with every person that comes to join the 365 Trading FX team.


What about the assets? At this company, you will have the chance to trade with over 200 tradeable assets. There are 5 big groups that you should focus on – stocks, indices, commodities, Forex currency pairs, and cryptos. Each one of these asset classes comes with a unique appeal and adds something special to your portfolio. While digital assets are the next big thing on the market, you can never go wrong by choosing more traditional assets such as commodities or indices. They have been at our disposal for quite some time now, which only adds to the fact that they are successful and profitable. However, you could also try them out altogether and see how they will do – after all, the more choices we have, the better!

Speed of Response

The customer support team at 365 Trading FX is quite punctual and friendly, which are two of the most important features in our book. You can easily reach their agents through many channels including live chat, which is typically the most appealing choice. It connects you to an agent in a matter of seconds, which is a huge relief – especially if you find yourself in a hurdle you cannot solve alone!

Then, you can also reach out by filling out the online form that contains things such as your email address and a brief explanation of your issue. This way, you can go into as many details as possible to explain your issue so that it can be resolved better and faster. You can also send them an email directly with the same result – the response will come within 2 business days, maximum. The telephone number option is also available, but you should keep in mind that the working hours are shorter than listed on the website due to the COVID-19 restrictions. So, you might experience some delays here, but that is standard.

Transaction Speed

There are several payment methods available to you at 365 Trading FX. For starters, the bank wire transfer is the option that is considered traditional, since it takes a while to process – up to 5 business days. Still, it is quite popular among the clients, so the company keeps it around as an option. Then, credit and debit cards are also a great choice, and their processing times depend on the bank that issues them. So, make sure to check about these details with them first.


Lastly, we should talk about e-wallets as well. They are a great option for a lot of clients since they are the safest payment method to this day. Also, they are able to process your transaction requests instantly, which no other banking method can guarantee. E-wallets are fully encrypted and easy to use, so you won’t have to be a digital genius to figure them out!


The great thing about 365 Trading FX is that you can easily learn everything that is important and that could come in handy during trading. A big part of that is the commissions and fees, which are applied to every transaction at any company that provides trading services. Some companies will offer things like no commissions on certain transactions, but do not get fooled – they need to earn their money, too. And they do so by applying some other fees such as maintenance fee for your account, or the inactivity fee, which is often frowned upon it the trading community. So, you can learn all about the fees that this company applies by visiting the website – there are no surprises to find along the way!


When it comes to having a license, this company is not yet regulated. Regulation is an important part of any business, and that is especially true in trading. When you trade with a regulated company, your needs and rights are fully protected by a higher regulatory body. This authority makes sure that a trading company follows through with its promises to you as a client, so that means a lot. We hope that 365 Trading FX will acquire a proper license in the nearest future.

Variety of Payment Options

As we mentioned already, there are three big groups of payment options that are at your disposal when you want to make a transaction at 365 Trading FX. The bank wire transfer is a standard one but takes a while to process these requests. The credit and debit card option is somewhat faster, but nothing amounts to the e-wallets when it comes to safety and efficiency. So, what will it be?

Whichever option you choose, keep in mind that these funding processes are fully secured, so you won’t have to worry about a breach of information or funds theft. Keep that in mind when choosing a trading company of your dreams!